#CaseyAnthony defense team #Jose  Baez having party inside a bar right now- celebrating. I'm not preaching... but I think that's wrong.

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1. ABC’s Dan Abrams is a sleaze and shameless self-promoter who runs this disgusting propaganda operation. My show is archived each night, in full.  IN FULL.

Getting ready to head into the President’s next event to try to get answers on his comments about Minneapolis, @WHO  decision, & COVID-19. @CBSNews 

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Not going out is much more fun when it’s possible to go out

Sheeeeesh 😳 Twista RIPPED Eminem’s #GodzillaChallenge  with EASE

Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist. Birthday boy. We love you 3000, Tony.

Some people aren't actually anti social, they're just very selective when it comes to the people they associate with.

Pittie puppy found in a box gets so big and handsome #dodofosterdiaries  😍