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for colored girls who take pictures in the sunlight because they think they're too dark

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Them robots comin for EVERYBODY job https://t.co/sHYVt88Zta
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How the fuck they gonna have a darkskin baby
Me: I hate that rake it up song
*nickis part comes on*
Me: https://t.co/HB0sccIYDw
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Bossip always got the best headlines, you other publications take notes
@KeyshiaKaoir is a queen!!!! Your fader interview got me crying at work yo
My mom made everyone get out of her picture with the food cause "ain't nobody help"
This is the length men will go to in order to seem like the victim in situations where they're at fault
When ya mom locks you outside cause she tired of you "running around letting out all the good air" #SummerWhileBlack
When the aunt you don't remember starts talking about how she used to change your diapers #SummerWhileBlack
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