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for colored girls who take pictures in the sunlight because they think they're too dark

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I’m not saying it’s right... but I understand
We got less than 10 years to fix the planet or else we dead dead https://t.co/eaUxcFLrc6
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I’m sorry .....WHAT did you name him?
Them robots comin for EVERYBODY job https://t.co/sHYVt88Zta
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How the fuck they gonna have a darkskin baby
Me: I hate that rake it up song
*nickis part comes on*
Me: https://t.co/HB0sccIYDw
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Bossip always got the best headlines, you other publications take notes
@KeyshiaKaoir is a queen!!!! Your fader interview got me crying at work yo
My mom made everyone get out of her picture with the food cause "ain't nobody help"
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