MISSING PERSON: Family in agony after kin disappears on her way to hospital in taxi

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Does Mayor @PeteButtigieg  believe God would endorse a political party that endorses the killing of newborn babies?

Authorities in Gujarat state have been accused of "hiding" poor people ahead of Trump's visit.

Indiana university professor suspended after calling police on black student who refused to change seats during class

BREAKING Purge continues: Top Pentagon official connected to Trump Ukraine scandal is out

Off-duty husband-and-wife police officers from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, had their meal interrupted when a masked man walked into a Louisville chicken restaurant and demanded money. They drew their weapons and helped chase down the robbery suspect.

Tune in: Day two of the @ClintonGlobal  Action Network meeting starts now. Secretary @HillaryClinton  will speak with leaders who are working to create a more inclusive dialogue about the effects of climate change.

There are still unknowns surrounding the novel coronavirus: How quickly it spreads, the symptoms it presents and the impact it will ultimately have. But the virus is already affecting pockets of business, travel and life in unexpected ways in China.

This is the guy who is going to be the "alternative" to Trump and his Muslim ban?

We’re in Yokohama, Japan, where some of the remaining passengers aboard the Diamond Princess began disembarking Wednesday after a 14-day quarantine. More than 600 cases of the novel coronavirus are linked to the stricken ship. Watch live on Facebook.

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