Mobile / Riverside / Nairobi

VIDEO: Mobile phone recording captures moment gunshots rent the air at 14 Riverside, Nairobi. #RiversideAttack 

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Mobile / Riverside / Nairobi

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Serie A have postponed three games because of the Coronavirus. The games taking place in Lombardy and Veneto are affected: – Atalanta vs. Sassuolo – Verona vs. Cagliari – Inter Sampdoria

It's hard to imagine that many Americans who support President Trump also have an affinity for Bernie Sanders, and vice versa. But Vladimir V. Putin isn't an American. And he has some special objectives. I explore the topic in Sunday's Times.

TTC investigating after video appears to show bus running red light in Scarborough

It’s your turn, social media, to caption this piece! Check out “Phantconsequence” by Phantanomaly: #BrightColors  #CaptionThis  #DigitalArt 

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WATCH: Votes were tied between Biden and Sanders at precinct 1411 at Coronado High School-- so it went to the tiebreaker: A high card draw #8NN  #NVCaucus  #YLEH 

On Feb. 22, #China 's #Hubei  Province, the epicenter of the #coronavirus  epidemic, reported:   - 96 deaths - 630 new confirmed cases - 1,742 people recovered and discharged   Total confirmed #COVID19  cases in #Hubei : 64,084 (2,346 deaths)

Three Serie A games suspended over coronavirus fears

@isagp23  Update: rep @isagp23orts  that the Rancho High School site le #NevadaCaucusader  is in fact calling in the results, in addition to driving them over to state party HQ, a spokeswoman says. Follow more updates.

MSNBC reports that there are “issues” with counting votes at precincts in the Nevada Caucus