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The area of Leicester in lockdown has a #Covid19  positivity rate three times higher than the next highest area in the U.K. These measures are necessary to keep Leicester and all of us safe.

The @thetimes  front page on 17th March. The first line reads, ‘Britain was put on hold last night.’ That was the 16th March.

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So annoying, last week I could taste coffee, today I can’t. A fruit salad on Thursday was delicious. Yesterday, a peach tasted like battery acid. #Ageusia  #COVID19  #Thethingswedontyetknow 

National screening for the deadly bacterial infection, Group B Strep was my No1 priority on becoming the minister for patient safety. Parents warned about deadly infection after it killed eight-day-old daughter - Mirror Online

Merkel and Macron walked out of the room- Italy, Spain angry as EU leaders fail to agree on how to divvy up the money. In the U.K. funding was announced and delivered weeks ago 750bn coronavirus rescue fund in chaos as EU squabbles over purse strings

@ClaireCNWL  We had a bit of a drama following a pressure spike due to build up of fibrin. Eye had to be drained and TPA injected. That was a week ago. Now pupil is too narrow- back again to hospital. It’s all in the air but everyone trying their very best. She has gone from totally blind

Scammers tried to call me from 0161 328 2367 informing me they were from @HMRCgovuk  and attempted to obtain my personal bank details. I played along for a short while to see where it went. Handing info to police. So sad that they exist because people are trusting and taken in


Having lived through #Coronavirus  can I assure everyone that at no time during the seven days we were in isolation at home did we even once have to face a secondary crisis and run out of loo roll. 🧻

Labour MP just told me that they have been warned, if they vote for a deal, regardless of how good it is for the country, they will not be allowed to stand as Labour MPs again.

Thanks for so many good wishes. It’s been pretty rubbish but I hope I’m over the worst of it now. More worried about my 84yo mum who is staying with me and began with the cough today. She is being tested tomorrow. Keep safe and keep washing those hands, everyone.

If you want to know how low a journalist can go, @DailyMailUK  on my doorstep in the middle of my trying to deal with everything else. He opened the gate, knocked on the door, rang the bell. I hope he washes his hands. #Coronavirus 

The PM is calling for a national effort for ventilator production. We have received many offers to make ventilators and parts. If you can manufacture, call the BEIS Business Support helpline on 0300 456 3565. A dedicated team to receive your calls will start at 10am tomorrow

I’m staggered as to the extent the ‘establishment’ will go to to attempt to discredit and bring down @BorisJohnson  due to his commitment to deliver #Brexit  He will not resign and anyone attempting to occupy No10 in the name of ‘unity’ is in effect, plotting a coup.

Will men in masks making threats turn up at Rosies home? Crowds of Remainers screaming abuse in the street, left wing press pack? I sincerely hope not. The teacher who called the police on DC had broken lockdown, travelling 250 miles- the 2nd witness now admits, he made it up.

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People in London are working in cafes, not at home. One cafe owner tells me that takings have shot up to over double usual daily amount This is not social distancing, it is irresponsible behaviour and the price to pay for such selfishness will be severe for us all #coronavirus 

May has capitulated to every single EU demand. She’s abandoned NI, and now Gibraltar. At no time does she push back. As Barnier said, they have given May the deal she asked for and she has given them everything they have asked for. It’s almost beyond words how bad this is.

I was there. The only finger jabbing and raised voice came from Jess as her friends photographed and filmed it. The PM could barely get a word in and was embarrassed and bemused as Jess shouted. But then again, I suppose she does have a book to sell.