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A team of scientists has finally deciphered the full human genome, two decades after the draft sequence was unveiled. They have filled in vast gaps and corrected errors in previous versions, giving us a new, detailed view of our DNA.

If funded, a government program costing several billion dollars could develop “prototype” vaccines to protect against 20 families of viruses.

This discovery will help scientists address one of the most perplexing questions in astronomy: how do planets and their moons form?

The spread of the super-contagious Delta variant has prompted new restrictions around the world and spurred stark new warnings from public health officials. Here are the latest answers to some common questions about the Delta variant:

“The answer is yes — all major weather these days is being affected by the changes in climate,” said Donald J. Wuebbles, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Illinois.

Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine may become slightly weaker over time, the company reported. But experts said that most people won’t need boosters anytime soon.

An internal document circulated within the C.D.C. said the Delta variant was more contagious than diseases like Ebola and smallpox, and may cause more severe disease. 

Those coronavirus sequences that were suddenly deleted from a database? Now they're back.

“I have every right to inform the public” about medical research, Joseph Mercola said. He did not address whether his posts were factual.

Iraq's culture ministry has taken custody of 17,000 archaeological artifacts returned by the Museum of the Bible and Cornell University in the largest-ever repatriation of looted Iraqi antiquities.


A group working to prevent pandemics lost its grant to work in China. Nobel laureates want the process investigated.

Confusion, delirium, memory loss and other kinds of altered mental function afflicted nearly a third of hospitalized coronavirus patients in a large new study of Covid neurological symptoms. Many had trouble doing everyday tasks when they went home.

Neurologists around the world say that a small subset of patients with Covid-19 are developing serious impairments of the brain. Some don't even have more typical symptoms like fever or shortness of breath.

Californians are mourning the damage inflicted by the recent fires to the ancient, towering conifers in Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

Flushing a toilet can generate a cloud of aerosol droplets that rises nearly three feet. Those droplets -- which could be laden with coronavirus particles -- may linger in the air long enough to be inhaled by a shared toilet’s next user.

Throughout its 208-year history, The New England Journal of Medicine, the world’s most prestigious medical journal, has never supported or condemned a political candidate. Until now.