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A reversion to the old days when people died at home. But death these days is not so simple, as families are learning.

Four years after a man received a lifesaving bone marrow transplant, all the DNA in his semen had been replaced by that of his donor. Readers had a few questions about the case.

An Indonesian archaeologist noticed a tantalizing opening in the ceiling of a cave. As he climbed through the gap, he laid eyes on a painting that is upending our understanding of prehistoric humans.

“We had never seen anything even remotely like this before in the hundreds of cave art sites we’d documented” on this Indonesian island, an archaeologist said

“I wished I had known her while I was growing up,” said Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space, “but then again I think she was there with me all the time.”

A scientist said it was very satisfying “to finally be able to say that the head cones are real”

A reversion to the old days when people died at home. But death these days is not so simple, as families are learning.

NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft spent a year mapping a boulder-strewn asteroid that shoots rocks into space. Today a site was picked where the probe will briefly land next year to collect samples to bring home to Earth.

How do you visually define a year of big news events (including the first ever image of a black hole)? Times editors explain how they distilled the 116 photos in the Year in Pictures from hundreds of thousands of options.

Dr. Stephen Hahn, a noted oncologist, is confirmed by the Senate to be the next commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. 


No one in the Defense Department is saying that the objects were extraterrestrial, and experts emphasize that earthly explanations can generally be found for such incidents. But the objects have gotten the attention of the Navy.

After reporting suicidal thoughts, Stanford students say they were required to immediately withdraw from all classes, programs and housing. To return to campus, they had to write personal statements “accepting blame” for their behavior.

Vaccine critics often raise religious objections to immunization. But authorities of most major religions have examined the moral questions. Their advice: Get your children vaccinated.

Alan Turing's genius embraced the first visions of modern computing, but he was cast aside and died a criminal for his homosexuality. He never received a New York Times obituary — until now.

Why did scientists give ecstasy to octopuses? It wasn't in the name of peace, love, unity and respect and a hope that the cephalopods would emerge from their tanks to wait for an eight-tentacled D.J. to drop the bass.


Dogs have a muscle that lets them make a face to melt a human’s heart. Wolves don't.

It can regrow its limbs and internal organs, but that may not be the most amazing thing about the axolotl. Turns out, this salamander has the largest genome ever sequenced.

Gag order, schmag order: The Badlands National Park Twitter account went rogue with tweets about climate change

Love is what makes dogs special, not smarts. That's the conclusion of one researcher of animal behavior.