Tufts / Sackler

Sackler family members are pushing back against Tufts after it announced it would remove the Sackler name from the university

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Tufts / Sackler

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@BTS_twt  breaks the record for biggest YouTube premiere of all time with new video for "ON"

These two paragraphs come as close as I’ve seen to a concise explanation of why the kids are all in on 78-year-old Bernie Sanders. By @MelissaGomez004  and @melmason :

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New coronavirus infections around the world surpassed those in mainland China, for the first time, where the disease first emerged two months ago

As long as we're giving viruses catchy nicknames (Trumpvirus! according to NYT columnist Gail Collins), how about a more accurate name: communismvirus, since authoritarian Chinese communism is responsible for this originally localized outbreak becoming a global pandemic?

Yow: @NancyPelosi  says Pence called her and she told him she had concerns about him in #coronavirusole  based on his record on abortion, HIV etc. Said the response has to be "about respect for evidence based decision-making."

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says any coronavirus vaccine should be "affordable." "This would be a vaccine that is developed with taxpayer dollars...We think that should be available to everyone—not dependent on 'Big Pharma.'"

CA Gov. Newsom: California currently monitoring 8,400 people for suspected coronavirus

JUST IN: Starbucks now has 85% of its stores open across China as CEO Kevin Johnson says the situation is improving "throughout major parts" of that country.

Huh. Pence adds Larry Kudlow to the coronavirus task force.