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NYT Metro

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Life in New York City has now moved closer to what we might call normal. Welcome to Phase 3.

In New York City’s poor neighborhoods, some patients have languished in understaffed hospitals, with substandard equipment. It was a different story in Manhattan’s private medical centers.

“Copenhagen’s bike network wasn’t built in a day"

WNYC employees demanded diversity. They got another white boss.

In the battle for riders, N.Y.C.’s subway has always trounced buses. By a lot. But at the height of the coronavirus pandemic the equation was flipped on its head — average daily ridership in April and May was 444,000 on the subway and 505,000 on the buses

Stakes are high in the Democratic primary for a New Jersey congressional seat: The winner will face a candidate who defected from the party to support Trump.

Four first-generation college students in Newark, N.J., tell the story of the pandemic, their uprooted plans — and what they found out.


A Wall Street firm put up a statue of a girl staring down the bronze bull in Lower Manhattan#InternationalWomensDay 

Breaking: Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy ‘points to homicide,’ pathologist claims

The Mexican cartel leader El Chapo was found guilty after a U.S. trial that revealed the brutality and corruption of his drug empire

Free and formerly enslaved black people made their way to the thriving hamlet that offered a school, a church and a newspaper that published the alphabet, reading lessons and prayers. The community produced doctors, journalists and educators.

The number of homeless students in New York City public schools climbed to 111,500 last school year

The NYPD has 82,473 people in a DNA database. Many of them have no idea the city has their genetic information.

Sesame Street addresses homelessness: Lily, a character introduced seven years ago to address child hunger, returns. This time her family does not have a place to live.

Robert DeNiro and Mark Ruffalo join thousands of protesters on the eve of inauguration.

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