Watch this brave New Yorker walk (swim) across a flooded street in #Williamsburg  #Brooklyn 

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JUST IN: A lawyer for Peter STRZOK says some of the agent's notes recently made ublic by the FLYNN defense team "appear to have been altered," including with at least one handwritten notation that is incorrect >>>

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“You can put the entire thing to bed if the President would release the records and show the American people what he says is true. Why will he not do that?” @PoppyHarlowCNN  presses WH official Brian Morgenstern on Pres. Trump's federal income tax payments

Worth watching the video. Never mind who the suspect is: watch the police. A man, reportedly armed, is patiently talked with until he can be arrested. Nobody is shot. Trained police can do this. Now think of all the videos that have come out differently.

Coronavirus deaths. 10th February: 1,000 19th March: 10,000 9th April: 100,000 24th April: 200,000 12th May: 300,000 4th June: 400,000 25th June: 500,000 16th July: 600,000 3rd August: 700,000 20th August: 800,000 8th September: 900,000 27th September: 1,000,000

Guardian front page, Tuesday 29 September 2020: Global deal to roll out snap Covid tests worldwide

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“The American people deserve to have a full accounting of the financial interests, including the indebtedness, of the president,” Sen. Harris tells @Lawrence , discussing Pres. Trump’s taxes. “Who does he owe the money to?” Full interview tonight on @TheLastWord  at 10 p.m. ET.

"It could not be easier" US Admiral Brett Giroir takes a new Covid-19 test, called a major milestone by the World Health Organization head, giving results ‘in minutes’

Who does the Arctic Circle belong to? Russia, China and now the U.S. are making moves in the region in an attempt to gain land and resources. #WSJWhatsNow 

Watch Hillary Clinton predict Donald Trump’s tax scandals in a 2016 presidential debate