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Today @NYPDDetectives  & @NYPDTips  announced the new CrimeStoppers app that is now available to download. With this app users will be able to submit tips anonymously and more. Follow the links below: Apple App Store: Google Play:

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Crimestoppers / Apple App Store / Google Play

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Grand jury indicts 1 officer on criminal charges 6 months after Breonna Taylor fatally shot by police in Kentucky.

FAUCI to Sen. Paul: "You are not listening ... If you believe that 22% is 'herd immunity', I believe you're alone in that."

In a heated exchange, Dr. Fauci challenges Sen. Rand Paul's assertion that New York's current low positivity rate is attributable to "community immunity": "If you believe 22% is herd immunity, I believe you're alone in that"

Senate report links Hunter Biden to 'prostitution or human trafficking ring'

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So let me get this right: No one will be held responsible for the killing of #BreonnaTaylor ? Just endangering her neighbors who were NOT killed?!

Liberals should *absolutely* STFU about how ACB chooses to practice her faith. But spare me the "Democrats are anti-Catholic" slander. Trump is most aggressive religious bigot who's served in office in recent memory.

Dr. Anthony Fauci challenges Sen. Rand Paul’s representation of herd immunity to COVID-19 in parts of the U.S.: “This happens with Senator Rand all the time...if you believe that 22% is herd immunity, I believe you’re alone in that.”

Xbox Series X: Stay tuned for my first hands-on experience playing the next-generation @xbox 

US grand jury indicts one police officer over fatal shooting of black woman Breonna Taylor in her home in Kentucky

This stuff is really really gross and honestly offensive to Catholics. I grew up in the Church and my dad was a seminarian for seven years. My great uncle was a legendary priest. The Democratic *nominee is Catholic*. As is Sotomayor. Go stuff it with this nonsense.