Let us remember that the WTC attacks continue to claim lives. Days after 9/11/01, dozens of contaminants were found in the toxic dust that blanketed the city & filled the air. These toxic compounds have been known to cause many health issues that affect victims 18 years later.

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This visualization showing sea ice melting in the Arctic between 1984 and 2019 is alarming

Man drowns during underwater marriage proposal on Tanzania trip

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is employing a strategy in the Democratic presidential primary that her many rivals aren’t: She's not taking swipes at them. And both aides and allies say it’s a tactic that has worked for her — at least so far.

Trump has arrived at his golf property in Sterling, Virginia. This is at least his 232nd day at one of his golf properties and 294th day spent at one of his properties.

Biden tells a reporter to “Ask the right question.”

It wasn't a choice, but the illusion of it. The consent you granted was never meaningful, because you never had an alternative. You clicked the button, or you lost the job. You clicked the button, or you were left behind. And the consequences were hidden for ten years.

You don't get no leaves unless you stick your neck out.

Happy 80th Anniversary to the Caped Crusader - which is your favorite #Batman ? #BatmanDay