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Frozen pizza, luxury loungewear, and $16 Sweetgreen salads: 12 people on the things they're never spending money on again

As some restaurants ban unvaccinated customers, a growing body of evidence suggests that unvaccinated people should avoid bars and restaurants no matter what

#SexDiaries : "I pour two glasses and barely manage a sip before he’s behind me, kissing my neck and reaching under my sweatshirt. I abandon the wine and we begin making out furiously."

Marjorie Taylor Greene, who'd previously compared mask mandates to the Holocaust, suggested on Twitter that vaccine requirements by private businesses amount to segregation

To rent a car right now is to live through an expensive, frustrating American nightmare. @KevinTDugan  reports on how customers are putting up with filthy interiors, petty surcharges, and skyrocketing prices

Robert Aaron Long faces life in prison without the possibility of parole, after pleading guilty to murdering four people at an Atlanta spa in March

The CDC will advise that vaccinated people living in areas of high COVID transmission should start wearing masks when indoors with unvaccinated people, the immunocompromised, and children under 12 who are not eligible for the vaccine

These are the best moments of the #Olympics  so far, including the mathematician who problem-solved her way to a cycling gold medal

Officer Aquilino Gonell of the U.S. Capitol Police testified Tuesday that what officers experienced on January 6 was like “a medieval battle”


Executing flawless choreography on a helipad is no easy feat, but BTS managed to pull it off at the #GRAMMYs 

We’ve selected the 25 essential BTS songs that best exemplify their musical universe

35 women speak about being assaulted by Bill Cosby, and the culture that wouldn't listen:

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Snowflake was left at home while the senator and his family slipped away to Mexico

Milton Glaser, the legendary graphic designer who co-founded New York Magazine and created the "I❤NY" logo, has died at the age of 91