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Latest Scoops

Georgia high school teacher shoots himself at school, calls another teacher for help https://t.co/0fSREZyCRX
Jets TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins opens up to Daily News after battles with alcohol https://t.co/Tydma9afnt
Suspected California car thief who climbed a crane to evade police falls 160 feet to his death https://t.co/zVceomWmvT
Taylor Swift to make "generous" donation to victims of sexual assault through actress Mariska Hargitay’s foundation https://t.co/xQcjxBejGG
Remains found in Missouri identified as 17-year-old Kara Kopetsky, who went missing 10 years ago https://t.co/uV9hCH8WLe
Trump believes U.S. culture is "being ripped apart" with removal of Confederate statues https://t.co/3MKSWTVLmZ
Opinion | Why we need to protect free speech, no matter how vile or offensive it seems https://t.co/CGuQMZfsFK
Missing Alabama woman found on side of road recalls surviving in woods for weeks
Brooklyn suspect in stabbing of estranged wife tried to flee with friend https://t.co/vz85aw0Fd7
Ex-prison guards who were KKK members found guilty of conspiring to kill former black inmate https://t.co/0zAQkzXspn
Human remains found inside shopping cart in the Bronx https://t.co/EbpAOZodXw
EXCLUSIVE: Regular floods of raw sewage plague homeless shelter locker rooms on Wards Island https://t.co/3qliVHlM7Q
Chinese propaganda video featuring mocking depiction of Indian man sparks furor over "racist overtones" https://t.co/iXt87utH3S
Every Jewish member of Trump’s administration should resign in protest https://t.co/DOsRaVFu9o via @GershKuntzman
Black-Jewish staffer files suit against Goldman Sachs alleging racial discrimination https://t.co/xKofbunxzA
Trump isn't done blaming people for his Charlottesville controversy https://t.co/vR2UWod4fH
Phoenix mayor "disappointed" Trump has scheduled a rally in Arizona next week https://t.co/gUpy5TSXYu
Woman dies defending her fiancé’s family from brawl that turned into four-borough gunfight https://t.co/0Suqg832Ef
Queens woman beaten by robber loses teeth, breaks bones in her face https://t.co/j7gl1HKgCz
SEE IT: Confederate flag in East Village apartment window enrages neighbors https://t.co/rX7ao9GshR
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