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Latest Scoops

Subway slashing suspect arrested after slicing victim across the face on A train https://t.co/Ng6DkMoJNy
David Cross said he doesn’t remember making racist "ching-chong" comments to actress Charlyne Yi https://t.co/5iWyLOKiNT
UPDATE: FBI treating Maryland office park shooting as workplace violence– not terrorism https://t.co/Iv5FxoPKOd
Republican voters feel more connected to Trump than GOP representatives, poll shows https://t.co/CLVKUuXK4e
Wife of "cold medicine killer" stabbed more than 100 times, autopsy reveals https://t.co/5oNGkAAGRz
Swiss investor thanks God"‘white people populated America, and not the blacks" https://t.co/htaCx5rhnb
DEVELOPING: Three killed at Maryland office park in "targeted" shooting https://t.co/5q3Lrctnhm
Member of an "Alt-Reich" Facebook group faces hate crime charge in fatal stabbing of a black college student https://t.co/J5VaPqsdU2
Kevin Smith will donate future Harvey Weinstein residuals to Women in Film https://t.co/sJShkewjoF
OPINION | Trump's "he knew what he signed up for" comment to widow shows he has no idea how the military works https://t.co/gubZ5A5oFf
Prison inmate killed by fungus after plea that "it feels like something is eating my brain" is ignored: lawsuit https://t.co/3GR5ZPFaNC
Mother of slain soldier Sgt. Johnson: “Trump did disrespect my son and my daughter and also me and my husband” https://t.co/q3ceNu9jyI
Queens pedestrian pinned against parked car by hit-and-run driver https://t.co/iJsJI8OgrY
Cop suspended after saying murdered Panama Papers journalist deserved it https://t.co/R4aIimXYGd
Missing airman found 40 years later living double life in Florida https://t.co/TNII7mezeI
SEE IT: Gordon Hayward suffers gruesome ankle injury after failed alley-oop in Celtics debut (WARNING: GRAPHIC) https://t.co/lPA9fCYSSw
.@NFL will allow players to kneel during national anthem https://t.co/JgaXnd9Pjh
Prison used inmate as bait to catch perv, then punished her https://t.co/Xza5cz91fM
"Scream" star Skeet Ulrich says Harvey Weinstein’s allegations weren’t as secret Hollywood would have you believe.https://t.co/Uc1AjjNA8s
American activists paid by Russian "troll farm" accused of election meddling https://t.co/ipzLXmTnTm
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