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Latest Scoops

Stormy Daniels performs at Long Island strip club in Little Red Riding Hood getup https://t.co/dnja5JvjNn
The former federal intelligence officer who gunned down his ex-girlfriend in broad daylight in Manhattan made his first court appearance https://t.co/fahPAHtdzW
Transit advocates fed up with pokey bus service want the next fare-payment technology to allow bus passengers to enter from every door https://t.co/US1iH7Au6V
The company will pay $1.4 million restitution and fines and dissolve under the terms of its wire fraud conspiracy plea deal. https://t.co/0EQfCutnhE
#Annihilation review: Natalie Portman steps up in a sci-fi hodgepodge https://t.co/Ropp0HM3Pl
Doctors say the child can only be immersed in water for about 15 minutes before her skin begins to develop blisters and burns. https://t.co/fKuVgKDe6n
Amazon is under fire for streaming @NRATV after the #Parkland school shooting https://t.co/Z9791pE9KG
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will reportedly ask President Trump this week to allow transgender troops in the U.S. military, refuting the President's previous call for a ban https://t.co/BOCFrrCGSM
A Russian space agency proposed building a luxury hotel on the station — which is funded by NASA — and tourists who’d like to go would have to fork out $40 million per person for the entire trip. https://t.co/tLdOrRHfuw
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