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Latest Scoops

Matt Barnes announces his retirement from the NBA after 15 seasons https://t.co/ktIZ0DWsWw
"He planned to propose to his girlfriend (the day after the challenge). He needed the money for the wedding, and for medical treatment for his ailing mother." https://t.co/2PENh2jXtP
North Korean state-run media claims Kim Jong Un controls the weather https://t.co/lOpXWSOcza
Surgeon found dead in his Manhattan apartment was involved in a legal battle with an ex-Giants running back https://t.co/yG1xWFAjNk
"I have a destination for this. I have a destination for myself and I need to go there. I swear, if you don't f---ing land, I will f---ing, kill everybody on this f---ing plane. I will kill everybody on this f---ing plane." https://t.co/GFpCoBf4kJ
Shortly after being briefed on an attempted terror attack on his hometown, President Trump took to Twitter to sound off — on a New York Times story https://t.co/cnrz4FHTzJ
Republican National Committee member resigns over her party’s support of accused child molester Roy Moore https://t.co/LSVzfNYUwT
ICYMI: #GoldenGlobes nominees announced, including nods for Daniel Kaluuya, Emma Stone, James Franco, Saoirse Ronan and more https://t.co/S3rJDOFYGo
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