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Even under extraordinary and unpredictable circumstances, we have to do better. Six inches of snow shouldn't have this kind of impact on our city. And it won't next time.
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Join me at City Hall for a press conference. https://t.co/warPgncOkr
First storm of the year hit hard and right at rush hour, downing trees and causing delays. @NYCSanitation plows and salt spreaders are making progress as traffic eases. They’ll be out all night to get roads clear before the AM commute.
.@NYCSanitation plows are out in force and you can track their work on PlowNYC. Keep an eye on @NotifyNYC for further updates and please be safe and continue to exercise caution as you head off to your evening commutes. https://t.co/6GmVrc1EDN
Heaviest snow will fall between 3 PM and 6 PM with potentially fast accumulation. The snow will turn into rain in the evening, so roads will be slippery throughout rush hour. Please exercise caution.
We may now see as much as 3-4 inches of snow in the city this afternoon, switching to rain sometime between 5 and 7 PM tonight. Please take this weather seriously and exercise caution during your evening commute. We could see some very slippery conditions on the roads.
New Yorkers showed up ready to vote last Tuesday — but the Board of Elections couldn't do its job. https://t.co/bLVXNYoXNk
There's a good chance we're going to have our first snowfall of the season tomorrow. Crews at @NYCSanitation have issued a snow alert, and are ready to handle whatever happens. Please be prepared and exercise caution during your commute tomorrow.
This racist assault is a horrifying attack on our city and everything we believe in. Hate has no home here. If you have any information, please contact the NYPD IMMEDIATELY. https://t.co/dPsaEzn0zK
A #CodeBlue will be in effect as of 4 PM today as we're expecting temperatures to drop below freezing tonight. Outreach teams are ready to assist anyone in need of shelter but we need your help — contact 311 if you see anyone at risk.
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