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Fighting every day to make our City better and fairer. Official account of the 109th Mayor of NYC.

Latest Scoops

I want to offer New York City's condolences to the the families of Sergeant Noel Ramirez and Deputy Sheriff Taylor Lindsey, and to the men and women of the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. https://t.co/1MuKNNqHUU
"The nation’s six big Wall Street banks posted record, or near record, profits in the first quarter, and they can thank one person in particular: President Donald Trump."
In New York City we're cutting emissions by 80% and divesting billions from Big Oil. And now we're giving our green spaces back to the people.https://t.co/Jsb6H61Ww4
Central Park will reach its full potential by going car free. They didn't design it for cars in 1857, and it's not meant for cars today. Parks are for people.
The world’s most famous park is going car free! Join me in Central Park for more. https://t.co/lrpbyyHmC2
Central Park goes car free in June. 24/7, 365 days a year — because parks are for people, not cars.
We're making a BIG announcement tomorrow on the future of Central Park. Stay tuned.
FEMA and the White House abandoned 83 American families when they cut off shelter assistance to Puerto Ricans displaced to New York City after Hurricane Maria.

That's why we're covering the costs of temporary housing for our fellow Americans. #PRstrong
At a time of rampant inequality, @realDonaldTrump’s tax plan is growing the bottom lines of the world's biggest banks.
For months, @realDonaldTrump and his administration ignored Puerto Rico. Today, there's an island-wide blackout.

Our fellow Americans need their federal government to step up now.
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