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Fighting every day to make our City better and fairer. Official account of the 109th Mayor of NYC.

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.@swellbottle isn’t just donating 320,000 water bottles to our @NYCSchools — they’re empowering our high school students to make our planet a cleaner, greener place. #ClimateWeekNYC
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It’s #NationalVoterRegistrationDay, New York City — and you can find out your registration status and everything you need to know about our November elections right now at https://t.co/EJhQZ3CtEk!
"Today, New York City is sending a message to Dr. Ford and every survivor: we are saying we hear you, we believe you, we stand with you."
– @NYCFirstLady

Homelessness is a decades-old challenge that we’re meeting head on with our borough by borough approach which offers families the opportunity to be sheltered as close to their communities and schools as possible. https://t.co/6yzTFY1Kk5
New York City is investing $4 billion to fight climate change — it’s a huge step forward for the future of our planet and our city.
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It’s time to show the world what democracy looks like, New York City!

Head to https://t.co/EJhQZ3CtEk before October 12th to make sure you’re registered to vote in November’s elections.
To penalize immigrants is this administration’s latest idea to turn cruelty into policy. As @realDonaldTrump again turns his back on our history as a nation of immigrants, New York City will use every tool at our disposal to stop this proposal. https://t.co/VAPV63oBku
All of New York City is celebrating @PaulSimonMusic tonight, but he means something particularly special to the people of Queens. Glad to join @MelindaKatz for the #PaulSimonFarewellTour.
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New York City couldn't ignore Puerto Rico during #HurricaneMaria.
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