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Dry & cool tonite & Thu; patchy frzng fog & icy spots possible. Fri could start out with rain/snow mix, changing to rain lowlands & snow mountains; Locally breezy. Cool & showery WX Sat & Sun. Next rain/snow mix for lowlands is Tue. #WAwx
Below normal temps are forecast to continue for next 7 days in W WA. Tonight will be dry but lows in the mid 20s to lower 30s so slick spots on roads & surfaces are possible. Sunny but cool on Thursday, with highs in the low to mid 40s. #WAwx
We were able to catch a few breaks from the cloud cover here at @NWSSeattle this afternoon. Who else was able to catch some sun breaks today? #WAwx
Meteorological spring may only be 9 days away, but that won't slay the blue on the latest @NWSCPC forecast of the day. #WAwx
Lingering showers are expected today, with the temps mainly in the upper 30s-lower 40s across much of the area. We'll see a brief break in precipitation tonight and tomorrow before the next system arrives Friday. #WAwx
"All Apologies" from this meteorologist if this 5 day trend will "Drain You" of enthusiasm for this winter. It could be awhile before we're "In Bloom" so "Come As You Are" (as long as it includes rain gear). And keep that "Lithium" ion battery charged in your phone. #wawx
A duo of convergence zones in the moonlight. Though we're often familiar with the convergence zone created by the Olympic Mountains, earlier this morning the Suomi NPP polar orbiting satellite caught a pair of convergence zones that formed either side of Vancouver Island. #wawx
Front already making its way into the Cascades as of 8PM. Winds becoming west to southwesterly behind the front with showers for the remainder of the evening. Will be keeping an eye out for the Convergence Zone. #WAwx
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Lows tonight for W WA will be in the 30s, with some areas near freezing. Chance of showers & Convergence Zone Wed morn could bring light snow (trace - 3" possible) to some lowland areas. Keep up with latest forecasts & road conditions, and be prepared! #WAwx
@wsdot_traffic @KeriMorgretPossible convergence zone to develop Wed morning around King/Snohomish counties; accumulations of a trace to 3 " possible. However, decision to close/late start belongs to the schools/districts.

The Most Relevant

Some high clouds out there but the Moon, Jupiter, and Venus were visible in the southeast sky this morning! One of our forecasters captured this shot! #wawx
With "The Dark Side of the Moon" mostly facing Earth tomorrow, it might be worth being "Comfortably Numb" in the chilly morning temperatures to see "The Great Gig in the Sky" before sunrise as Venus pairs with a crescent Moon and Mercury. You'll "Wish You Were Here". #wawx
*Winter Storm Watch Issued*

Winter Storm Watch has been issued for western Washington. There will be TWO systems that impact the area. The 1st system arrives Sunday afternoon-night with light accumulations. The 2nd system pushes through Monday-Tuesday. Additional details:
Tsunami watch for WA/OR/CA coastal areas has been canceled. #wawx
“Look up at the stars & not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see & wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do & succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up.” -S. Hawking
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An elusive trio was captured in the pristine, clear sky above NWS Seattle this morning - Mercury, an 8% illuminated Moon, and Venus. #wawx
Most snow in a month in 50 years in Seattle. Top 8 snow months in Seattle since records started at the Federal Bldg. in 1891.

1. Jan 1950 57.2"
2. Jan 1969 45.4"
3. Feb 1916 35.4"
4. Jan 1916 23.3"
5. Dec 1968 22.1"
6. Nov 1896 20.5"
7. Jan 1954 20.0"
8. FEB 2019 19.2" #wawx
A Magnitude 7.2 earthquake has been reported 10 miles NE of Anchorage AK. A #Tsunami Warning is in effect for Cook Inlet, but a tsunami IS NOT expected to affect Washington or British Columbia. See
for details. #wawx
Here's a couple more Venus and Moon photos from the roof to commemorate tonight's lovely #nightsky display. #wawx
Sea-Tac airport Feb. snow total 14.1", a new monthly February record. Old record 13.1" in 1949. Top 8 snow months at Sea-Tac.

1. 57.2" Jan 1950
2. 45.4" Jan 1969
3. 22.1" Dec 1968
4. 20.0" Jan 1954
5. 18.2" Mar 1951
6. 17.5" Nov 1985
7. 15.3" Dec 1965
8. 14.1" Feb 2019. #wawx
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