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San Francisco / California / Walnut Creek

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More than 315 people have been killed in anti-government protests in Iraq since October. One of them was Abbas Salih, a medic who was treating an injured protester when Iraqi security forces shot him. "By God, my son did nothing wrong," his father says.

If withholding military assistance to Ukraine was just common and normal, why did EVERY single Trump administration official disagree with that decision ? Every single one, that is, except Trump.

JUST IN: Pentagon No. 2 denies trying to block official's impeachment testimony

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‘Hail Trump!’ — Richard Spencer is the unapologetic white supremacist who famously got punched in the head. He also coined the term ‘alt-right’ and planned the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally. How did this Pepe meme come to life become the flag-bearer of American racism?

Why does A $AP Rocky keep coming up in the #ImpeachmentHearings  ? Gordon Sondland says his July 26 call with President Trump mainly focused on the then-imprisoned rapper, instead of Ukraine military aid.

Happy 500th birthday, Havana! The iconic Malecon was lit up by more than 16,000 fireworks launched from Morro Castle on the east side of the bay

Pressed by Rep. Mike Turner, Amb. Sondland says no one directly told him that President Trump was tying Ukraine aid to the investigations, but that was his own “presumption” based on other information.

Sondland confirms RonJohnson account Sondland stayed behind 2talk2Trump after 5/23 mtng:I do. to tie down what we agreed to do. talk to Rudy

Congress hid an extension of surveillance authorities in a funding bill, without debate and without consideration of meaningful privacy and civil liberties safeguards to include. We will continue to push Congress to pass real reform.

If you’re an editor in a non-union newsroom, and you’ve gotten wind that your employees are organizing, do yourself a big favor before agreeing to that anti-union campaign and try to find a failed guild drive over the last three years.