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Wind chill readings will fall into the teens to single digits tonight. Bundle up in the morning. #phwx #okwx #txwx
Critical fire weather conditions will be possible across the western Oklahoma Panhandle and the western and central Texas Panhandle. Strong southwest winds will be common along with low RH values and dry grasses across these areas. #phwx #txwx #okwx
2 PM CST temperatures:

Amarillo, TX: 39 degrees 🥶
Lubbock, TX: 76 degrees 🥵

Make sure to brave the 37 degree temperature drop if your driving north on I-27 #phwx #TXwx
As everyone prepares for their holiday weekend plans, we are looking ahead to some possible snowfall in the forecast starting late Sunday night into Tuesday. It is still several days out but it is always good to plan ahead and be prepared! #phwx #TXwx #OKwx
Low clouds are just on the horizon to the north just behind the cold front. Current temperatures here at NWS Amarillo is 47 degrees. Temps are more than 20 degrees colder at this time across the northern areas such as Canadian and Guymon w/current temps in mid 20s. #phwx
A cold front is making its way S-SW throughout the region as you can see with the visible satellite image with cloudy skies behind the front. Currently here at NWS Amarillo, it is 50 degrees, but 15 miles NNW of Amarillo at the Mesonet site, it is already 36 degrees #phwx
Highs today will range from the upper 30s in the eastern OK Panhandle and the northeast TX Panhandle to the lower 70s in the far southwest TX Panhandle. Gusty winds are expected in the southwestern Texas Panhandle during the late AM and early PM. #phwx #okwx #txwx
Even though precip has ended, a few slick spots are possible in the eastern OK Panhandle and far northeast Texas Panhandle for the AM commute. Drive with caution. #phwx #okwx #txwx
Precip is quickly shifting east and should be done mainly before sunrise. A few slick spots may remain for the AM commute in the far northeast TX Panhandle and eastern OK Panhandle.
#phwx #okwx #txwx
Some light rain and freezing rain will be possible overnight. A very light icing will be possible on elevated surfaces in the central and eastern Oklahoma Panhandle and the northeast Texas Panhandle. #phwx #txwx #okwx

The Most Relevant

Snowflakes can have some very complex designs (no two are alike), but all snowflakes have six sides. We captured these two little snowflakes this morning here at the office. #phwx #okwx #txwx
Ice halo pic by Joshua Thomas in @Red_River_NM 1/9/15. Thanks @NWSLaCrosse for the annotations! #nmwx #newmexicotrue
We have observed #tumbleweeds migrating south at a very quick pace today. #phwx #txwx #okwx
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An earthquake has been confirmed by the USGS about 10 miles NNE of Amarillo. Most of us felt it around Amarillo and Borger areas. Initial magnitude estimate was 4.0. For more info go to: #phwx #earthquake #txwx
Pretty interesting to see looking at the snow analyses, all states except Florida across the lower 48 have some snow cover.
It's official, tiny ice crystals, or "snow grains" are falling at NWS Amarillo. Here is a slow motion video from outside our front door (make picture as big as possible, as the crystals are small and might be hard to see). #phwx #txwx #okwx
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Wave clouds were forming over Palo Duro Canyon this morning. These clouds are forming due to prevailing southwest winds in a moist layer that are blowing perpendicular to the canyon. These clouds are forming much like the wave clouds that form over the mountains. #phwx #txwx
Remember when @NWSAmarillo teased NYC, Philly, & Boston that we've had more snow this year? Yeah, we're REALLY sorry!
Snow with lightning reported near the Amarillo Airport. Already have had people ask if they heard thunder. Answer:Yes! #thundersnow #phwx
A microburst w/ the Amarillo storm at sunset. Shows how small an area the strongest winds occur in a storm.
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