@RepMcClintock  had a good point: We didn’t have these problems 50 years ago, he said. What’s changed? We used to put people in prison, mental health institutions, and hold them accountable. Anti-gun lawmakers have taken our ability to do that, and now they want to take our guns.

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Charged by telecom companies despite blackout, say Kashmir residents.

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U.S. to send troops to Saudi Arabia in wake of attack on key oil production sites.

UPDATE: The number of shooting victims is now six, including one person who was killed.

1/2 The habitual naysayers complaining about ₹ 1.45 Lakh Cr “revenue loss” were till yesterday moaning abt “nothing being done abt the state of the economy.” It may be too hard for them to grasp that there would be no or less revenue from loss making /less profitable entities🙏

There are things that you might expect a bear to do…and then there is THIS!

This new exhibition reveals secrets from the deepest, darkest corners of one of the world's most beloved museums

Warren, Sanders to visit striking GM workers as dispute continues

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This soft foam can transform into tough concrete

Ben Carson allegedly called transgender women "big hairy men" in front of HUD staffers, according to report