Did you know Superman is an @NRA  member? @RealDeanCain  is a strong protector of #2A . "If someone breaks [in], I'm going to call 911. Until the police get here, my house, my family, my loved ones – we're on our own, and we're going to be just fine because we are NRA." #IAmTheNRA 

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robotically and idiotically saying "burn it all down" to everything that upsets you - after billions in damages already from torched cities - seems especially evil.

In a secret deposition video @realDonald Trump did not want you to see, he is asked if a false statement is not accurate. He replies, "It depends on how you’re talking about 'accurate.'" That's Trump. You can watch and share.

#BREAKING: US Department of Justice designates #NYC  as an anarchist jurisdiction

the fiend who derailed a train yesterday, couldve seriously injured or killed dozens. he'd been previously arrested for criminal mischief but released without bail. notice this trend? luckily it didn't disturb Don Lemon's meal.

@PhilipRucker : RBG's death & the chance that this liberal icon on the SCOTUS would be replaced by a conservative jurist who opposes abortion rights & would seek to roll back so much of the social progress of the last generation will be a driving force for women in Nov@MSNBC 

“The chestnut that politicians always lie is overstated—a society depends on some degree of mutual trust. One party has embraced nihilism, pilloried trust, and turned good faith into a sucker’s failing in a sucker’s game.”

The GOP leaders don't want right wing justices to get rid of a woman's right to choose, they want to use getting rid of a women's right to choose as a way of gaining support for judges that will make it easier for the rich to get richer & for the powerful to maintain their power.

There is a race against time to save around 270 whales who have become stuck on two sand banks and a beach off the coast of Tasmania At least 25 whales are thought to have already died as conservationists begin the huge rescue operation