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BREAKING: NRA Countersues@NewYorkStateAG  Letitia James for Trying to Dissolve ‘Political Enemy’

BREAKING: The Arkansas House of Representatives voted to PASS STAND YOUR GROUND today. The bill is now headed to Gov. @AsaHutchinson ’s desk for his signature.

Edmonds, WA passed 2 ordinances despite the state’s preemption statute: 🚨Required guns be locked at all times within the home 🚨Imposed liabilities on gun owners if their firearms were ever accessed by a prohibited person Today's victorious ruling strikes down both ordinances!

@AGSchneiderman ’s “‘impetus was nakedly political: to weaken the NRA as a political force in advance of the 2020 elections,’ the complaint says.”

CRUCIAL: NRA-Backed Legislation Protecting#2A  Rights During Disasters Introduced By Texas Lawmakers and Prioritized by @LtGovTX . 🚨WE NEED ALL TEXANS to take action NOW by contacting their lawmakers! ⬇️

🚨BREAKING: Sources in DC report that Congress will be voting on Biden’s extreme gun control legislation as early as next week. Possible that they will bypass committee process. Stay tuned, NRA members.

🚨 GUN CONTROL COMING 🚨 "The report said that Democrats plan to 'push through as much legislation as they can' over the next two weeks." @NewsRevoltRyan 


From our cold, dead hands.

BREAKING NEWS: @NRA  scores a HUGE win in California today. The 9th Circuit, led by a Trump-appointed judge, rules that ban on magazines with more than 10 rounds is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. This case will have repercussions nationwide.

Never give up your guns.

Hey @JoeBiden : You will NEVER take our guns.

Our rights don’t end where your feelings begin.

No Sheriff Israel you were the one that didn’t PROTECT these children and that is your job. You run the largest fully accredited sheriff's office in the United States, yet your office failed this community.

NEVER underestimate the silent majority.

I support the right to keep and bear arms. US