Idaho / Florida / Texas / Nevada / Arizona

New daily coronavirus cases are rising in 38 states, an NPR analysis shows. Here's how much cases are up compared to 2 weeks ago: 📈 Idaho: +408% 📈 Florida: +277% 📈 Texas: +184% 📈 Nevada: +156% 📈 Arizona: +145%

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Idaho / Florida / Texas / Nevada / Arizona

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Biden was always dumb, a liar, a plagiarist, a bigot, and mean (ask the Bork family and Clarence Thomas).  Today, he’s all those things and a blithering idiot.

How to deal with life’s problems: Jesus..... And therapy.

2. The experts note one set of rules for Trump & other politicians on Facebook (no fact-checking) and another for everyone else is not consistent w/ANY tradition of free expression Privileging the powerful over the masses is antithetical to civil rights

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Woman spends 30 days trying to rescue a senior street dog ❤️️

As President Trump tries to revive the economy ahead of the election, he knows getting parents back to work requires getting kids back to school. But top Administration officials admit they don't really know if its safe. @CBSThisMorning 

News from the palace: we can confirm there will be a sixth (and final) season of @TheCrownNetflix , in addition to the previously announced five!

A lot of upcoming artists think they deserve a “chance” ... listen here, nobody owes you jack shit.

Scoop is my brother, my guy, but sometimes he can really talk nonsense.