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Despite the federal government telling California it can't offer unemployment coverage to federal employees required to work without pay during the shutdown, the state's governor says "we're going to do it, and shame on them."
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#ARMYs are taking over the world! @BTS_twt's #LOVE_YOURSELF #SPEAK_YOURSELF tour is proof that they're the biggest boy band. 🔥
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Khloe Kardashian drops Tristan after he was allegedly caught cheating on her with Kylie's BFF!
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Don’t act like you don’t have one in your family 😂😂 we all got one!
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[Voice Teaser #03]
Debut Celebration Show
Presented by #Mnet
19.03.04 7PM Mnet Live on Air
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This song embodies who I am and what we’ve been doing on the road as a band for years. I think it’s something a lot of people can relate to, having to get back up and keep going after what you believe in. #TheBull
It’s official, @BTS_twt just added 8 stadium dates to their global tour, so we’re going to relive the show — and count down the days until this summer
Just In: Democrats on the House Oversight Committee have released an interim report based on multiple whistleblowers who say the Trump administration is rushing to transfer sensitive U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia in violation of federal law.
Never chase love or attention
If it isn’t given freely
It’s not worth having
I’ve been calling for Rod Rosenstein to be fired so naturally I was delighted to hear he’s on his way out. I’ll be even more delighted when I hear he’s on his way to a jail cell. My old bunk, I hear, is still available!
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