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Helen Grace James was discharged from the Air Force as "undesirable" during America's Lavender Scare. Now, at 90, she has won her honorable discharge. https://t.co/c21B8hDuD8
22 minutes
House Speaker Paul Ryan has ordered an ethics investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Republican congressman Patrick Meehan after a report that Meehan used taxpayer funds to settle a harassment complaint. https://t.co/0SaqzPwrvl
#PHOTOS: "Lumiere London" features more than 50 installations by artists from Europe and North America. https://t.co/LWkgDM3A2i
Doctors were confused about what to do. Was the tattoo serious or just the result of a drunken bet? https://t.co/czPrbSkGi8
So the lesson of the last shutdown is: If you get blamed for it, you win big. Wait, really? https://t.co/7jb9XK1FRD
Taliban Claims Responsibility After Gunmen Attack Luxury Hotel In Kabul https://t.co/Dpo9IlYtnB
10 hours
To shine a light on Christianity. To set an example for the next generation. To pressure Congress on DACA. Diverse crowds descended on D.C. again, united by new rallying cries. https://t.co/i4RHpK0q5E
10 hours
Some background on how we arrived at a shutdown: https://t.co/te8f7mHmQ4
11 hours
Sweating in a sauna is associated with health benefits including a lower risk of heart disease.
13 hours
Jose Mares now lives in Tijuana and works for a nonprofit called Al Otro Lado, which helps resettle those who've been deported to Mexico.
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