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16 minutes
Madcap 'Sit-Com' From Peter Pan's Creator Finally Sees The Light Of Day https://t.co/2P8meKjs7Y
43 minutes
Top Stories: Pakistan's Leader Ousted; Russia Angered At New U.S. Sanctions https://t.co/Bo9qCDQOJ3
Believe it or not, the economy just recorded its 96th month of growth since the Great Recession of 2008. https://t.co/Z25iCyjFki
The senator who earned the nickname "Maverick" over his long tenure showed why in the early morning hours Friday. https://t.co/jjxN1lxiKz
Breaking: Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, will buy majority stake in The Atlantic via her group Emerson Collective.
Breaking: The U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of 2.6 percent between April and June.
Russia Retaliates For Sanctions Approval, Hitting At U.S. Diplomatic Corps https://t.co/cZwRvdyljb
President Trump must now decide whether to sign new sanctions meant to punish Russia for interfering in the election https://t.co/UuGmiBhfmA
It's hard to be a science teacher when your students think you're just another "round-earther." https://t.co/gs4Wrr0js3
Pakistan's High Court Ousts Prime Minister Sharif In Panama Papers Fallout https://t.co/fNSYIdeAbd
For Decades These Caregivers Helped Patients, Families Through Illness And Death https://t.co/G2zA5Lnv4g
"This is clearly a disappointing moment," Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell said. https://t.co/QHCKEzPe6c
@SenJohnMcCain Afterward @SenateMajLdr appeared to admit defeat in overall Obamacare repeal effort, said it was time to ask for Democrats' ideas.
With @SenJohnMcCain serving as a third holdout, the Senate GOP's effort at "skinny repeal" failed early Friday. https://t.co/QHCKEzPe6c
10 hours
@sooquler @sarabelle425 From our story: "They also forecast a roughly 20% increase in premium costs through 2026, compared to under Obamacare. "
10 hours
By the end of the decade.
10 hours
At least 4 GOP senators say they'll only support bill if promised improvements in reconciliation, echoing earlier promises to House members.
11 hours
The CBO projects $178.8 billion in savings through 2026, but 16 million fewer insured Americans, and 20% higher premiums.
11 hours
The Senate is minutes from voting on bill that keeps much of Obamacare but drops individual, employer mandates. https://t.co/QHCKEzPe6c
12 hours
Officer Fatally Shot While Trying To Help People In A Crashed Car Near Indianapolis https://t.co/9yDbrBqbf9
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