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I'm sorry but it needs to be said again: He gassed people for a religious photo op

ISKCON USA supports complaint against Surleen Kaur, says Sanatana Dharma followers hurt by comedian's remarks.

‘Antithetical to everything we stand for’: Episcopal bishop ‘outraged’ police tear-gassed protesters so Trump could use ‘our church as a prop’

When it was invoked in 1992 during the Los Angeles riots, the move was requested by then-California Gov. Pete Wilson, not invoked solely by President George H.W. Bush.

This is wrong. There were no “violent clashes.” The police fired tear gas to clear the area for a Trump photo-op, and the protesters fled as the police advanced. The protesters didn’t fight back. I was there. And that’s what you see in this video.

I’m home & still processing that I saw peaceful protesters teargassed outside the White House so Pres Trump could walk to St. John's Episcopal Church. Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde, who oversees the church, said she is “outraged” to see it used in a photo-op. I’m speechless.

Before Trump pledges to end "lawlessness," National Guard confronts protesters outside White House

In videos allegedly posted to his Facebook account on May 29, the man was seen passing out explosive devices to other rioters and encouraged them to throw the devices at law enforcement officers, according to the criminal complaint