It’s not too early to start making plans for NDAFW 2019. Need ideas? Here’s a great place to start: #NIDAteens  #NDAFW 

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Dawn Butler blaming the media and saying that’s “not what she heard on the doorstep”. I feel for her. It’s a horrible position. But still... #UKElection 

Conservatives have gained fucking Scunthorpe. SCUNTHORPE!

Delighted that @lisanandy  has held on for Labour. Deserves to be a candidate for leadership, but probably won’t be. #UKElection 

No party leader with approval ratings as modest as Johnson’s can ever have won a majority on this scale. This does not suggest to me that a Labour needs to just push harder at the same door. #UKelection2019 

Bizarre that Denis Skinner — a career-long Brexiteer (or Lexiteer) — looks to be one of the casualties. #UKElection 

Labour celebrating holding onto *Sunderland Central*. You what?

Oh, North Down goes Alliance. Not much of a spiritual shift from Lady Sylvia’s territory.

On occasions like this, I feel like I’ve been hearing middle-aged men say “let’s wait for the actual results” for half my life. #UKElection 

Sky joking about not knowing who the Vengaboys are — who are probably in their forties now. #UKElection 

Cheering up by reminding myself that @ClaireHanna  looks set to kick the DUP out of my old manor. #GeneralElection2019