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Health Education England (HEE) exists for one reason: to improve the quality of care delivered to patients - developing people for health and healthcare.

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Fully funded leadership courses for community pharmacy professionals starting soon in Preston, Newcastle and Reading. Don't miss out! Sign up today: https://t.co/t2wEkNu1wk @cppeengland @chriscuttscppe @keithbkendall @trevor_beswick @PSNCNews #PharmacyIntegration#NHS
Intense discussions are underway as panels distil the evidence submitted to the #TopolReview. Many thanks to all who submitted responses and evidence, and to everyone attending today.
Today is #jeansforgenes day. Join us and help @JeansforGenes raise money to support children like Ryan with Cystic Fibrosis https://t.co/uGz8f3WrQd
Free 24/7 e-learning for all NHS staff: https://t.co/hjNUGOywdq @HEE_TEL
Health professionals have a key role to play in #safeguarding children and young people. https://t.co/eKwRLCW502 #HEETEL @RCPCHtweets
Nominations for the #OurHealthHeroes Awards 2018 are still open until 23 September. Do you know someone who deserves some recognition? Nominate them via https://t.co/KGAP62mHqT
If you are ready to rediscover your career as an allied health professional or healthcare scientist, find out how we can help #iamreadytoreturn https://t.co/4ndoN5rIiF #AHPSintoaction
If you are new to Twitter or haven't joined a Twitter chat before, you may find our guidance useful https://t.co/k59WMWD6bV #Iamreadytoreturn #AHPsintoaction
We are proud to support the #OurHealthHeroes Awards. Nominate someone who goes above and beyond today as nominations close on 23 September https://t.co/GiIKhTijHb
Apple...the fruit, the technology or the celebrity? Ontologies and taxonomies help distinguish different concepts and ideas. Our #TaxonomySuperpower is helping to make finding learning and education easier.
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