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Vancouver woman ticketed while dropping off groceries questions city priorities amid pandemic

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10 million students attend schools with cops, but no social workers. It doesn't have to be this way.

Pouring fuel on the fire. An African American, George Floyd, is suffocated to death by police on camera. Trump deploys armed force against peaceful Washington protest for bible waving stunt. Now invokes Floyd’s name in support of Covid unemployment numbers

The biggest question Facebook employees have for Zuck: “Can we please change our policies around political free speech? Fact checking and removal of hate speech shouldn’t be exempt for politicians.”

We caught up with @Ludacris  today as he was out speaking with demonstrators in downtown Atlanta:

Possible #tornado  near Michigan St and Ferncreek Ave in #Orlando . You can see debris flying. (Courtesy: Tarik Farah)

Verizon did the same thing in NYC, arguing that merely passing the fiber *past* a building without actually hooking it up was enough to meet the contract it signed

Protesters flood U.S. streets in huge, peaceful push for change

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WATCH: A Romanian cobbler came up with an idea on how to maintain social distancing in his city of Cluj: size 75 shoes

Drew Brees tells @realDonaldTrump  to stop talking about Old Glory. So Brees is now a disciple of Colin Kaepernick via @toddstarnes