Coronavirus / Covid-19

Explore the NEJM collection of articles and other resources on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, including clinical reports, management guidelines, and commentary. #COVID19  #SARSCoV2 

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Coronavirus / Covid-19

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Twitter would be welcome to move to France should the social-media platform face an adverse operating environment in the U.S., according to a French lawmaker

"This is a useful opportunity to reflect on the progress that has been made, the current state of the pandemic and the road ahead. This is also an opportunity to applaud and thank the media in South Africa for its indispensable contribution to the national effort to confront

Hysteresis and Business Cycles "In recessions, monetary and fiscal policies need to be more active to avoid the permanent scars of a downturn. And in good times, running a high-pressure economy could have permanent positive effects."

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''liberalism unraveled amid the subsequent nationwide wave of crime, unrest and disorder, which liberal mandarins and liberal machine politicians alike were unable to successfully manage or contain.'''--The Case Against Riots

Lockdowns and emergency action revive memories of communist rule. Will such measures energize authoritarian tendencies? via @BW 

Many primary-care practices were already operating on tight budgets, and the pandemic now threatens to push some of them out of business entirely.

A year ago, a group of local government officials and retired council workers in Kent made a momentous decision that would trigger the downfall of Britain’s most famous fund manager and spark Europe’s biggest investment scandal for a decade.

The emirate of Sharjah hired banks to raise as much as $1 billion from international debt markets to defend against Covid-19

Plans are afoot to develop 57 highway stretches near each state capital to serve as model national highways, an NHAI official said. These stretches total to 1,735 kms across the country.

There really should be something cooler to wear in space than cargo shorts.