Medical students have higher rates of depression, suicidal ideation, and burnout than the general population. Schools have begun revisiting their procedures to ensure that they are doing everything possible to meet the #mentalhealth  care needs of their students.

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BREAKING: KKR to invest $754 million for stake in Reliance retail

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Justice Ginsburg should be thought of as a founder of our country. Not because she had an important title or wore a black robe -- but because she dedicated her life to calling America closer to our best traditions of equality, liberty, and opportunity for all.

“By the time this nominee comes before this body nobody is going to be mistaken about the consequences for Americans’ health care.” —Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT)

“If this feels personal, that's because it is The most fitting tribute to RBG is to refuse to be silenced & to name exactly what Donald Trump & Senate Republicans are trying to do: Steal another Supreme Court seat.” — @SenWarren 

The U.S. government should not cut off the U.S., including Chinese Americans and visiting Chinese, from the Chinese internet, says @tylercowen  via @bopinion 

Surge in U.S. pork exports to China led by Brazil's JBS, China's WH Group

Hong Kong traders chased 1,600-in-1 odds to buy IPO that flopped

JPMorgan says India is making progress on global debt index debut

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