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When it's not threatening your life and vehicle, the snow can be quite beautiful. Thanks to Donna Kremer from Bannister for this pic. Got a pic to share? #SeeItSendIt https://t.co/gNN8QQq4iu
ICYMI: The list of Mid-Michigan schools closed tomorrow has grown quite long. You find all of them here: https://t.co/pDr3ChJRlj Thanks to Jackie in Corunna for the pic!
A lovely pic of downtown Caro sent in by Eleena Isa. Got a pic to share? #SeeItSendIt https://t.co/gNN8QQq4iu
Take a look at how the Vassar Public Schools announced school would be closed. School Closings: https://t.co/pDr3Ci1sJT
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#SchoolClosings: Flint Community Schools will be closed Thursday. https://t.co/MNCBkXOM9b
The snow has caused a lot of #SchoolClosings in our area. Keep track of which schools will closed Wednesday. https://t.co/MNCBkXOM9b
#SchoolClosings are starting to come in for Thursday, Dec. 14. LIST HERE: https://t.co/MNCBkXOM9b #snowday
Megan Williams sent this photo us from Harrison, MI. She measured the #snow at about 7 inches at around 4:30 p.m.
Aimee in Flushing measured snow at 7 inches at 5 p.m. and it's still snowing #snowday #WinterIsHere https://t.co/aGfun9Pq7K
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