The Kentucky congressman who forced lawmakers to return to Washington, D.C., for a vote on the coronavirus stimulus bill skipped out on a vote on the previous aid bill to attend a fundraiser in his home state.

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Birthday greetings to UP’s dynamic and industrious CM, Shri@myogiadityanath  Ji. Under his leadership the state is scaling new heights of progress across all sectors. There is a marked improvement in the lives of citizens. May Almighty bless him with a long and healthy life.

This is happening in multiple cities across the country - police striking protesters with batons without an apparent provocation, or in the case of the man in Buffalo, shoving them.

Black Lives Matter spent tens of thousands of dollars to send covid masks to thousands of protesters across the country. Law enforcement seized the shipment

On #WorldEnvironmentDay , we reiterate our pledge to preserve our planet’s rich biodiversity. Let us collectively do whatever possible to ensure the flora and fauna with whom we share the Earth thrive. May we leave an even better planet for the coming generations.

Watching videos of police brutality all across the country, I’m reminded of the time in 2017 when the president addressed police in Suffolk County and encouraged officers to be rough, especially when throwing “thugs” into “paddy wagons.” “Please, don’t be too nice,” he said.

Images change history. It was one thing to read about segregation. It was another to see fire hoses and dogs unleashed on children. It was one thing to hear about a war in far off Vietnam, it was another to see bloody jungle ambushes. I sense we've crossed a similar divide.

LA Mayor joins the "Defund the Police" nonsense. In related news, traffic jam of freeways leaving LA of mostly moving vans and U-Haul trailers for the remaining sane people left there who are moving to places where the leaders bring their brains to work with them.

Our government should be there for people during moments of crisis. That’s why @BernieSanders , @EdMarkey , and I proposed direct payments of $2,000 a month throughout the course of the pandemic and for three months after. Bills didn’t just stop after the first check.

Hey @CoryBooker  and @KamalaHarris  lynching is already illegal but slapping someone is not lynching, We shouldn't conflate someone who has an altercation with minor injuries, with lynching, That's my opposition to this without my amendment to fix it.

I am a man. I am a Christian. I am a father. I contribute to society. If evil men come to harm my family, burn my property or my church I stand ready to defend them. This is my Right. Because I am an American. I stand for our Anthem. And I kneel only to God I will never back down