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Latest Scoops

VP Pence laughs off the suggestion that President Trump has recently questioned his loyalty, saying that he “was tempted not to dignify it with a comment.” https://t.co/RJL9YMrfS4
Florida election officials are still conducting recounts in down-ballot races, and the results are expected to be announced after the Sunday deadline for reporting. https://t.co/OzUlg1R8f2
Analysis: It's unclear how many members of the next Congress truly want to stop Pelosi from taking the helm of the House in January — and how many simply need to signal to voters back home that they raised an objection to her. https://t.co/yOSIjqKFRv
President Trump says he should have gone to Arlington on Veterans Day but was busy on calls and had just returned from abroad. https://t.co/MIZjN66ii1
Analysis: Rep. Pelosi's critics have the fight -- but do they have the votes to defeat her? https://t.co/q830kCsUVS
Reps. Ruben Kihuen and Mark Meadows have been formally sanctioned by the House Ethics Cmte. over sexual harassment allegations, the panel announced in reports released to the public Friday. https://t.co/uhXqTdpwnj
Opponents of Matt Whitaker's appointment as acting AG opened a new legal front in the fight over his selection, asking the Supreme Court to rule that he is not legally qualified for the job. https://t.co/Le1Vdm60KI
JUST IN: California Gov. Brown says he and Gov.-elect Newsom will join Pres. Trump during his visit Saturday to survey wildfire damage and response in the state, because "now is a time to pull together for the people of California.”
BREAKING: Democrat Stacey Abrams acknowledges that Republican Brian Kemp will be certified as the next Georgia governor, but says she is not offering a speech of concession because that would suggest the election process was just: "The state failed its voters" - @shaqbrewster
LIVE: Stacey Abrams speaks amid still-uncalled Georgia governor race. https://t.co/MYoS0YUyvZ
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