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Latest Scoops

White House defends partisanship on tax reform https://t.co/Zgt4CH85Lk
Trump lawyer accuses Mueller of improperly obtaining transition emails https://t.co/hLR0wHf3Qt
"Fetus," "transgender" reportedly among banned words at CDC https://t.co/HQnBQuEvv6
President Trump called Cindy McCain this afternoon to check in on Sen. John McCain’s health, according to a senior White House official.
Republicans make tax bill public, cuts corporate rate to 21 percent https://t.co/ajJmDRjMB2
JUST IN: Sen. Bob Corker announces support for GOP tax reform bill
Sen. Rubio switches to "yes" on GOP tax bill, giving it big boost https://t.co/S7XqAXPHOD
Sen. Rubio will support GOP tax reform bill after changes made to refundable part of child tax credit, his office says - @frankthorp
JUST IN: House Ethics Cmte. says it has opened investigation into Rep. Ruben Kihuen over sexual harassment allegations - @GarrettHaake
US House Ways and Means Cmte. Chairman Brady says plans to file and release final version of GOP tax reform bill at 5:30 p.m. ET today - @frankthorp
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