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How the city of Providence comforts sick children: https://t.co/0iMSaImw4J #InspiringAmerica
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Is California prepared for the "Big One?"

Full report: https://t.co/AHMlYqV2ih https://t.co/P0uFZYJtqk
More baseball teams say they’ll expand fan safety nets after girl’s ballpark injury. https://t.co/pcMFhwnpXJ
Approaches for keeping consumer data safe and standards for reporting breaches wildly vary. https://t.co/SGbjxSWfR5
Chicago has had 500 homicides this year, with 10 people killed and 31 others wounded last weekend alone. https://t.co/9b9iSrwgem
The Warriors won't go to the WH after Pres. Trump withdrew invitation to Stephen Curry while NFL players spoke out against Trump's remarks.
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NBC News poll: 71% of Americans support Pres. Trump's bipartisan effort on hurricane relief, keeping gov't funded. https://t.co/2JQ20ZOlPD
In lieu of a visit to WH, Warriors say they will "constructively use our trip [to DC]...to celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion."
Full statement from the Warriors.
JUST IN: Golden State Warriors announce they will not visit the White House: "President Trump has made it clear that we are not invited"
‘We got next’: WNBA makes video game debut https://t.co/OvFZ2sJdCu
President Donald Trump's childhood home in New York City had some new occupants over the weekend — refugees. https://t.co/RmA3nJoYOm
WATCH: Jake Gyllenhaal on why he's inspired by Jeff Bauman, who he plays in his new film, "Stronger." https://t.co/jGI5Usbiah @kevtibs
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"No one will trust America again" if US leaves the Iran Deal, Iranian Pres. Rouhani told @LesterHoltNBC this week. https://t.co/pDkKCOTCBt
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Baby dies weeks after mom, who rejected experimental cancer treatment, also died. https://t.co/BKvIHblXVA
A mysterious 'alien megastructure' star is at it again, and telescopes around the world are heeding the call. https://t.co/MIf6xOrxb5
NASA releases new pictures of Jupiter: https://t.co/cqhYYmiQxx
Here are some options to help victims of Hurricane Maria: https://t.co/MkzPRdNSfM
NEW: If you missed tonight's show, you can watch it here https://t.co/Cyr2kevGaZ
Scientists say they have found 60 perfectly preserved Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman ships in the Black Sea. https://t.co/Y9L0yHuY8d
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