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After Covid, schools will reopen but student mental health woes will persist, writes Andrew Reiner. This could help:

Absent from 2021 #NBAAllStar  is one of this season’s brightest stars — @KDTrey5  will be sidelined due to a hamstring strain. It’s an ironic moment for a player who has staged one of the most remarkable comebacks in recent history, writes @jalalbaig .

Thirteen years into the @MarvelStudios experiment, the franchise is still finding ways to dominate the cultural conversation, writes @anibundel . How Disney+'s #WandaVision  finale proves Marvel comics can become beautiful TV:

The #SundayScaries  is a cute name for a serious problem, writes @PallaviYetur . Now the angst we feel about our stagnant lives, the exhaustion of this new endless grind, the absence of any sense of “future” has made this serious problem even worse:

Developing and procuring a brand-new non-stealth plane to save money makes sense only if the Pentagon can defy its entire history of defense spending, writes Sébastien Roblin:

Following an Achilles injury, @KDTrey5  is lucky to be playing regularly, let alone receiving #NBAAllStar  consideration, writes @jalalbaig . Tonight is an ironic moment for a player who has staged one of the most remarkable comebacks in recent history:

Covid long-haulers are often women. Maybe it'll change the system's perspective on our pain, writes @gabriellecj . The volume of post-Covid patients may finally show the medical establishment that post-viral pain exists — as women have long been saying.

In ordinary times, the group chat would be a gift. In pandemic times, it's a lifeline, writes @katzish . When you can't see your friends, texting with them as a group is the next best thing. They'll have your back, but they'll also keep you honest:

Andrew Cuomo's sexual harassment charges make me feel we learned nothing from #MeToo , writes @lilyburana . It gets exhausting saying the same things over and over but seeing nothing change:


My military service has inarguably influenced the way I view 's national anthem protest, writes . To me, the American flag is not the symbol of a perfect past but the symbol of a hopeful future:

@bts_bighit 's popularity despite the America music industry’s xenophobic gatekeeping speaks only to the corporate gatekeepers’ inability to welcome the world in, says Lexi Lane. Their new album #BTS_BE  shows why:

Even if you’re not a K-pop fan, you’ve probably heard of @BTS_twt . But how did the boy band from South Korea get so big in English speaking countries? Watch@soyrev  discuss the factors behind their success for @NBCNewsTHINK :

Progressive taxation should work as a corrective tax, like tobacco taxes or a carbon tax, fixing the problems created by exploitative capitalism, writes . 's wealth tax scares billionaires. We should implement it anyway:

If Democrats want to stand a chance against Trump, they should take @Andrew YangVFA seriously. And perhaps literally, wri @feministabulouses  . Yang is resonating in particular with men who feel forgotten by society. The author joi @SRuhleed  to explain why:

Jeffrey Epstein's deal with federal prosectors wasn't normal. The men who arranged it need to face the music, say and Berit Berger:

Bernie Twitter operates under the self-righteous guise of being the true progressives of the internet, writes @kurtbardella . But there are times where you really can’t distinguish between the tone of Trump’s #MAGA  nation and Sanders’ “Bros:"

What happens when one co-equal branch of government is delegitimized by another, asks @glennkirschner2 . Given Trump’s recent actions, it feels like we are indeed in the midst of a slow-moving, intra-governmental takeover: