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There should be a bill that ends animal testing altogether, writes @BrianKateman . Perhaps the latest news about Dr. Oz’s past research, playing out on the national stage, will hammer that point home:

Putting the idea of a bill to prohibit lawmakers from trading stocks on hold was a good decision, writes Jennifer J. Schulp. Now let’s hope it’s buried for good:

Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen's accusations against Hans Niemann mostly drowned out a separate controversy happening in a different corner of the chess world, writes @SariCaine .

Most modern presidents have not hemmed and hawed about their intentions, then leaked through thirdhand sources that they will be going for it, writes Yet that’s what President Biden has done:

It’s not steroids-aided records that have posed the biggest obstacle to Aaron Judge challenging the single-season home run record, writes @Dgood73 . It’s the league's use of a deadened baseball:

Despite #GreysAnatomy  morphing into an ensemble series, that ensemble ultimately still revolves around its titular doctor, writes @anibundel . And heading into Season 19, that makes “Grey’s” unique:

Universities have taught students that they are paying customers, writes @CBWymanWriter . And as everyone knows, the customer is always right:

I have represented Guantanamo Bay detainees for almost a decade, writes @PradhanAlka . The rosy picture painted by Jan. 6 defendants bears no resemblance to the reality of the infamous U.S. prison in Cuba:

Funding and regulatory bodies need to go well beyond eliminating the federal mandate on animal testing, writes @BrianKateman . The fate of both animal and human life depends on it:


Sorry Mr. President, the Democrats' blue wave is getting bigger and bluer by the day, writes . There was a sense on election night that Trump and the GOP had somehow prevented a wave election. This prediction has proven wildly premature:

@bts_bighit 's popularity despite the America music industry’s xenophobic gatekeeping speaks only to the corporate gatekeepers’ inability to welcome the world in, says Lexi Lane. Their new album #BTS_BE  shows why:

In a country in which we pride ourselves on the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” we should not be keeping hundreds of thousands of people locked up before they have actually been convicted of a crime, says

Ukraine's Nazi problem is real, even if Putin's 'denazification' claim isn't, writes @arippnyc . Not acknowledging this threat means that little is being done to guard against it.

Doctors pushing Covid lies are facing almost no consequences for what they’re doing, write @BrianCCastrucci  and @NickSawyerMD . Data shows that nearly every state medical board is failing to hold these doctors accountable.

Puerto Rico must determine its own future, not Congress. Our bill enables that, write @NydiaVelazquez  and @RepAOC . Many of our Democratic friends want to make the territory a state, but many Puerto Ricans see that push as the culmination of colonization.

Republicans smear me on Fox News then want to grab dinner. But Congress isn't the WWE, writes @RepSwalwell . You can’t smash a chair over someone’s head in the ring, then hang out backstage like it was all an act.

Bail has criminalized poverty and undermined the tenet of 'innocent before proven guilty,' writes . We must reform a broken system that punishes Americans for crimes even if they're never convicted: