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'Ad Astra' may be Brad Pitt's second Oscar attempt of 2019. But it's the same old story, writes @nberlat . Pitt's newest movie goes a long, long way around the universe to find a predictably boring, cold-hearted action hero.

Justin Trudeau's blackface shows that being progressive doesn't exempt you from racism, writes @OlaOjewumi . White liberalism will likely shape the narrative in Trudeau’s favor using old excuses: the passage of time, his young age and feigned ignorance.

“The King and Queen are coming to #DowntonAbbey ," as the trailer proclaimed. And that’s it, that’s all that happens. This simplicity is also exactly what viewers tune in for, writes @anibundel :

"Friends" was everything we say we don't like about millennials, writes @BryanReesman  on the show's 25th anniversary. They lived in big apartments without working hard, shirked many of their responsibilities and acted immaturely well into adulthood.

So far, Sen. Bernie Sanders is emerging as the candidate with the most serious plan to combat climate change, writes @parismarx . Fighting back will require a mobilization not seen since World War II to radically transform society in less than 11 years.

As weed becomes legal in more states, the dangers of potent cannabis are being ignored, writes @DrKevinHill . Just because something is Iegal doesn’t mean we should use it whenever, however we want. It's a lesson we've learned the hard way in the past.

With the pace of modern life, it's comforting to be reminded that electricity once spawned conspiracy theories and cooks could be suspicious of a toaster, writes @anibundel . The #DowntonAbbeyMovie  succeeds by following a recipe perfected by the TV show:

The Patriots cut Antonio Brown when the star's talent could no longer hide his red flags, writes @williamfleitch . Just a few days ago, we couldn’t get enough of his antics.

The Democratic candidates get climate change's urgency but reject its fixes, writes Jason Grumet. They're prioritizing progressive doctrine that claims renewable power alone can solve the problem. We need nuclear power and fracking, too.

Iran's attacks and threat of 'all-out war' mean regime change is still the best U.S. policy, writes Reuel Gerecht. What the president ought to do, and probably won’t, is realize that he can’t deal his way out of this confrontation.


@BTS_twt  @soyrevBTS ’s 2015 EP played a crucial role in their rise to fame, explains . @soyrev  Indeed, the band's popularity is the result of three key elements that combined to create a perfectly balanced formula for the American market. Watch how here:

Even if you’re not a K-pop fan, you’ve probably heard of @BTS_twt . But how did the boy band from South Korea get so big in English speaking countries? Watch@soyrev  discuss the factors behind their success for @NBCNewsTHINK :

Progressive taxation should work as a corrective tax, like tobacco taxes or a carbon tax, fixing the problems created by exploitative capitalism, writes . 's wealth tax scares billionaires. We should implement it anyway:

Jeffrey Epstein's deal with federal prosectors wasn't normal. The men who arranged it need to face the music, say and Berit Berger:

. just reminded Trump that Mueller isn't the only investigator he needs to worry about, writes . Democrats are just getting started when it comes to Trump's finances. And Ocasio-Cortez's savvy questioning of Michael Cohen proves it:

Trump's claim that campaign finance violations "are not a crime" is an attack on the laws that protect democracy, write and . The president is directly undermining the safeguards designed to prevent rigged elections:

How do I love myself in a world that doesn't love me? How do I love myself in the face of systemic racism and misogyny? How do I love myself amid fat-phobia?, asks