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Fathers taking leave not only helps mothers, it helps their children, writes @JoshLevs . By taking time off as transportation secretary to welcome his new children, @PeteButtigieg  is still serving the public good by normalizing paternity leave:

The Republican party has slowly surrendered its agenda to Trump’s, even as Trump’s agenda has become steadily more dangerous to democracy, writes @smotus . Trump is trying to set the agenda for the party by threatening its very existence:

Music creators deserve respect and compensation for their work, writes @lizshuler . It’s time for Congress to demand that the broadcasters who make billions in advertising on the backs of artists step up and do the right thing:

Why cancer stigma for Asian Americans is so dangerous, writes @YvonneLiuWriter . For 28 years, I kept my breast cancer a secret. I lived in fear that my Chinese-American friends would shun me if I told them what I had endured.

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Powell was unquestionably the most distinguished military officer of my generation, writes @mccauslj . Even if his life had its share of contradictions and ironies:

If convicted, Steve Bannon faces the possibility of up to a year in prison. And he may have company, writes @joshchafetz . There should be consequences for those who attacked democracy on Jan. 6:

As young diplomats, it was drilled into us that we were neither as funny nor good-looking as the interest we received abroad would indicate, writes @BrettBruen . Instead, it was important to understand that most people wanted something from us:

It turns out presenting an “opposing” perspective of the Holocaust is remarkably simple, writes Lev Golinkin. We have monuments to Nazi collaborators in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio, among other states. In Europe, it’s worse:

The Roy civil war slowly expands until entire financial markets are at stake, with each kid given a chance to stand up and prove they are better people, writes @anibundel . But even as #SuccessionHBO  fans hope for better, we know they will fail:


Trump’s big lie about his debt means he may be one of American history’s most vulnerable presidents ever, writes @FrankFigliuzzi1 . These revelations jeopardize not only his image and wealth — they imperil our security:

If Democrats want to stand a chance against Trump, they should take @Andrew YangVFA seriously. And perhaps literally, wri @feministabulouses  . Yang is resonating in particular with men who feel forgotten by society. The author joi @SRuhleed  to explain why:

Bernie Twitter operates under the self-righteous guise of being the true progressives of the internet, writes @kurtbardella . But there are times where you really can’t distinguish between the tone of Trump’s #MAGA  nation and Sanders’ “Bros:"

Barr’s gross distortion of the Mueller report led to calls for him to step down, write @Mimirocah1  and @glennkirschner2 . He did not, and now we are facing the same situation all over again with Roger Stone:

QAnon isn't just a fringe conspiracy anymore., says @FrankFigliuzzi1 . And that should terrify all of us:

Puerto Rico must determine its own future, not Congress. Our bill enables that, write @NydiaVelazquez  and @RepAOC . Many of our Democratic friends want to make the territory a state, but many Puerto Ricans see that push as the culmination of colonization.

Republicans smear me on Fox News then want to grab dinner. But Congress isn't the WWE, writes @RepSwalwell . You can’t smash a chair over someone’s head in the ring, then hang out backstage like it was all an act.