Suspected attacker in El Paso massacre pleads not guilty to capital murder in the deadly shootings of 22 people.

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El Paso

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NEW: The video showed the president as a mass shooter executing members of the media and his political opponents in a church. It was played at a pro Trump conference at the Trump resort in Miami last week. w @maggieNYT 

Donald Trump forced to remove Twitter campaign video featuring "We Will Rock You" after Queen complains

The equal sign is the bedrock of mathematics. It makes a fundamental and uncontroversial statement: These things are exactly the same. But there is a growing community of mathematicians who regard it as math’s original error (via @QuantaMagazine )

Joe Biden: "I may be the last guy to publicly call for impeachment, but I am the only reason why there is impeachment going on."

Sport is a serious business—and while audiences are bigger than ever, their attention spans are shrinking ⁠

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Officials rush to Trump's defense on decision to pull troops from Syria

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Brigid Kosgei demolished the women’s marathon world record one day after Eliud Kipchoge broke the 2-hour barrier. The past 48 hours have challenged long-held ideas about the limits of human physiology.

The Houston Texans are in sole possession of first place in the AFC South after its win against the Chiefs.

"The Chinese watched with…admiration as Moscow sowed chaos…in the 2016…election…One Chinese official told me…Russia’s success prompted them to take a fresh look at what tools they could use to infiltrate politics in…the Philippines and Taiwan."