President Carter / House Representatives Senatethe

"My advice to him would be to tell the truth, I think, for a change," fmr. President Carter said. "And give the House of Representatives and also the Senate...the evidence that — that we need to form a case, either for or against him."

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President Carter / House Representatives Senatethe

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BREAKING: Joe Biden leads Pres. Trump 54-45% among likely voters in Pennsylvania, new @ABC  News/WaPo poll finds, thanks in large part to a 2-1 lead in the Philadelphia suburbs.

1. Of course Trump didn't pay taxes. He bragged about that in 2016 in debate with Hillary. 2. There's no evidence he did anything illegal. 3. There's no evidence he's in hoc to the ROOOOOOSSIANS. 4. He's not an amazing businessman. Duh. 5. Our tax deduction system is idiotic.

Breaking News: Top White House officials spent weeks pressuring the C.D.C. over the summer to downplay the risk of sending children back to school.

Everyone has 2016 PTSD and I think there’s still reason to think polls have some systematic problems reaching low-trust voters BUT, right now it’s really hard to come to any conclusion other than Trump is losing badly.

Two fast-moving wildfires, having burned more than 67,000 acres in Northern California since they began on Sunday, prompted new evacuation orders for thousands of people.

The members of @BTS_twt  each became multimillionaires after @BigHitEnt  landed the biggest stock market listing in three years in South Korea. Each member now holds shares worth $7.9 million at issue price

An Oklahoma man who repeatedly posted the QAnon-linked slogan #SaveOurChildren  on his Facebook page has been charged with murdering his girlfriend’s infant daughter

While many of you debate’s an example of how fire breaks work and why we need them and to manage our forests and wildlands better

In light of new @nytimes  reporting on Trump's massive debts, remember this: "Eric Trump in 2014: 'We have all the funding we need out of Russia'"

As Trump and Senate Republicans try to rush a Supreme Court appointment before the election, @KamalaHarris  tells @Lawrence  voters are being deprived of the right “to elect their next president who then will make the decision about who will be the nominee.”

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