Rapper Nipsey Hussle / Los Angeles

BREAKING: Rapper Nipsey Hussle has been pronounced dead at the hospital after being shot outside his clothing company in south Los Angeles, multiple law enforcement sources familiar with the incident tell . -

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Rapper Nipsey Hussle / Los Angeles

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Breaking: Supreme Court allows counting of ballots in North Carolina received 9 days after election as long as ballots postmarked by election day, dealing a victory to democrats. The court’s order is a loss for the Trump campaign. Justice Barrett took no part in the decision

If Joe Biden is elected & the Democrats get the Senate, this country will transform at a speed we've never seen before. TONIGHT, I'll take you through the Left's plan for the first 100 days of a "President Biden" —America's DYSTOPIAN future.

NEW: The White House publicly denies it. But Trump's own COVID advisers now privately admit that he's pursuing a 'herd immunity' strategy. And that gambit could result in the deaths of thousands and thousands and thousands of people.

Tucker Carlson says that says that sensitive documents regarding Hunter Biden that were shipped to him and his producer while they were in California mysteriously disappeared. He says the package was opened, the documents removed, and that the shipping company can't find them.

1-Tucker Carlson described how documents the network mailed were intercepted and "disappeared." Reminds me during govt. spy operation against me, I documented pkg. sent to me via post office, intercepted after delivery to CBS, later delivered to me opened and flash drive viewed,

@JoyceWhiteVance : The Supreme Court will not protect our voting rights. Here's who actually might.

No decent American could ever vote for a sick sexual predator like Donald Trump. He truly represents the most toxic form of masculinity. He’s a pig who belongs on a sex offender registry, not in the White House. #SickoTrump  by @meidastouch 

"I don't know who would vote for him," Robert De Niro says of Pres. Trump. "People have their reasons and I can't speak for them or present on the stand the logic, the reasons, but everything he has done to this point is so beyond anything I ever thought would be possible."

Time for the NYT's bi-monthly celebration of communist tyrannies -- this time, it's East Germany for loving Angela Davis!

Congratulations, Australia! 400,000 signatures. The national record for an online petition is 404,538. Despite the Murdoch media's hostility, we can spread the word and smash through that barrier. Sign here:

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