Boeing / Atlas Air / Trinity Bay Anahuac / Texas / Miami Houston;

BREAKING: FAA: Boeing 767 cargo jet operated by Atlas Air Inc. has crashed into Trinity Bay near Anahuac, Texas, while en route from Miami to Houston; initial reports indicate 3 people were on board.

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Boeing / Atlas Air / Trinity Bay Anahuac / Texas / Miami Houston;

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Jalen Thompson, 17, was one of the organizers of the march for #GeorgeFloyd  in O’Fallon, Mo. The march he organized drew 1,500-2000 people. Police joined in the march with them.

Retired boxing great Floyd Mayweather is to pay for the funeral services for George Floyd, report says

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Opinion | We are the governed. We no longer consent to let the police kill us.

"The President just used a Bible and one of the churches of my diocese as a backdrop for a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and everything that our church stands for,” the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington said

‘They ran up in the state house with them AKs quick But let a n***** try and do that white boy sh*t Won’t be no rubber bullets ricocheting off ribs But the white supremacists go in the cop’s face and spit’ — @llcoolj  #BlackLivesMatter 

White man arrested for setting fire to historic courthouse during protests over police killing of George Floyd

On 28 May, 6-7 terrorists while attempting to infiltrate in Naushera Sector of Jammu & Kashmir, close to Line of Control, were detected by Indian troops who in a swift operation eliminated three of the infiltrators while atleast one was seriously injured: Nagrota Corps officials

Peaceful protesters’ concerns about police treatment of minorities can get lost on nightly TV broadcasts filled with cars ablaze, police advancing on demonstrators, and ransacked stores in cities across the U.S.

President Trump urged state governors in a call to crack down and 'dominate' over protests against racial inequality and police violence