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WATCH: Bill Cosby accusers speak after guilty verdict. https://t.co/DJLG7cyKl2
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Macron says he expects Trump to scrap Iran nuclear deal. https://t.co/NqWXuFBDiH via @NBCNewsWorld
.@NBCNewsBETTER: How I changed my life by following the federal dietary and exercise guidelines for a year https://t.co/1PVb2aKNsR
Lux Alptraum: To end sex trafficking, stop arresting sex workers https://t.co/OvmHAXQHU8 via @NBCNewsTHINK
Speaker Ryan has ousted the House chaplain, according to his resignation letter — a move that's angered Democrats and defenders of the Jesuit priest. https://t.co/pRRbops5YH
U.S. is putting the squeeze on NATO ally Germany in an attempt to get Europe's richest country to increase its defense spending. https://t.co/wEd5oxsD2j via @NBCNewsWorld
Janelle Monáe comes out as a "queer black woman." https://t.co/9T8YPna2Ms via @NBCOUT
America's largest maker of police body cameras say it has formed an ethics board to guide its work on AI, prompting a rebuke from civil rights organizations who urged the company not to develop devices that are able to identify people by their faces. https://t.co/XXTIcsTTjf
WATCH: "Firing Mueller would cause a firestorm ... it could even result in impeachment,” Sen. Hatch says before Senate Judiciary Cmte. advances bill to protect the special counsel. https://t.co/3Ftnjd0ogA
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Special master picked to review items seized from Michael Cohen in FBI raid. https://t.co/d7nk8V9epD
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