Amazing how much the place has grown. Any more additions we can look forward to? Like another High Bay, some more big tents, etc?

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"Gangster logic and bullying." The US-China 'war of words' flares up again after Trump signed the #HongKong  Autonomy Act and the executive order to end the SAR's special trade status. The latest.

Today I got to meet a pretty incredible farmer. 💪🏽 @soulfirefarm  is the founder of @soulfirefarm  in upstate NY where thousands of people have learned the essentials of living off the land. Penniman is behind an…

Man, those virus gods are just merciless

Update: neither Mom nor Dad (Ohio voters) responded when I sent them this. Yet they loved the one I wrote abt @JDVance1  cavalierly tarnishing Ohio’s reputation and were so proud then... Silence speaks volumes! They know I’m right but can’t admit so hooray