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SpaceX Boca Chica continues to grow as a spaceport with the impressive High Bay continuing assembly while extra land is cleared for further expansion. Video and Pictures from Mary @BocaChicaGal ). Edited by Brady Kenniston @TheFavoritist ) 👉

Ariane 6's maiden launch has been delayed to at least the second half of 2021. Daniel Neuenschwander, ESA’s Director of Space Transportation, cites COVID-19 as the major impact, in response to NSF. Article by Mihir Neal @mt1611_mihir ). Rend @brickmackr :

Absolutely! He still watches over the vehicles during processing at Baikonur.

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Updates article for a Saturday launch. Sees updates......

@Astro_Wheels  @Astro_Mike  " @elmoA  @RyInSpace  @DaveFlyss  @Super_Groverp  @NASAKennedya  @NASA_Astronautsc  @NASAedues  @NASASocialhip  with wings...oh, the audacity of imagination! " Riding on a huge fuel tank feeding three thirsty RS-25, with two rowdy solids pushing the stack uphill during first stage.

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The mission concluded nearly nine days (and 3.7 million miles) later with a landing at KSC SLF Runway 15.

NASA study group meeting opening pep talk:


SpaceX's Starhopper conducts 150 meter test hop under the power of the SN6 Raptor! THAT WAS AMAZING!

Stunning photos of Dragon 2 docking from Oleg Kononenko! He was monitoring from the Russian section, near the Soyuz, due to Rocosmos contingency procedures. Hires set:

Look who made it inside the ISS after all! ?

Booster touchdown! Got to love how this one lands.