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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages many of NASA's robotic missions exploring Earth, the solar system and our universe. Tweets from JPL's News Office.

Latest Scoops

There's always time to learn about Ceres! Check out this site → https://t.co/XX4yceqxAy
As the mission comes to a close, @NASA_Dawn will continue to capture the closest and most detailed photographs of dwarf planet #Ceres ever taken: https://t.co/ANE7agJycy
Happy #NationalIceCreamDay! 🍦How about a scoop of space?

Jupiter = salted caramel
Neptune = blueberry
Mars = rocky road
Venus = black raspberry
@jimjampatterson @MarsCuriosity The video we see from Mars is stitched together photographs. There's already audio as well. Here's a link to find out more:https://t.co/gvlVnB0Okd
Juno may have found another volcano.
Jupiter’s moon Io is the most volcanically active place in the solar system… and @NASAJuno may have just found another one! https://t.co/480uRYDq1j
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Fancy a Martian getaway? Anyone can visit the Red Planet and hang out with @MarsCuriosity here: https://t.co/ewAWOqpNQ0
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Walking on #Mars: @NASA experts reveal how #AR and #VR are helping us explore space. https://t.co/oi5e3xGBGq
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The atom held by the #Emmys statuette represents science, a gift that @CassiniSaturn continues to deliver nearly a year after its #GrandFinale.

Relive @TheEmmys nominated journey of our beloved spacecraft and its devoted team: https://t.co/CaeOw1aAXE
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