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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages many of NASA's robotic missions exploring Earth, the solar system and our universe. Tweets from JPL's News Office.

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Live now! We're hosting a public talk about #Mars2020, @NASA's next Red Planet rover. Watch and chat at https://t.co/hsXVO1IKZO
O Brave New World! New @NASAJuno image shows a tempest in #Jupiter's atmosphere. Bright clouds may be updrafts of ammonia ice crystals swirling with water ice. https://t.co/Yt8mPklQ9R
Watch live Thursday and find out about @NASA's next rover, #Mars2020. https://t.co/C819Gp9eNe
🚀 Hop aboard a sounding rocket pulling 3x the speed of sound & watch this parachute test for 's @NASArov#Mars2020er https://t.co/a4LmFKqvGM
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@EscalanteChas @NASA_Johnson @astros Absolutely! But a promise is a promise. Read more about our friendly wager here:https://t.co/9ySiqoKi94
Ad Astra, Astros! Looking forward to our teams meeting on field again next year, @NASA_Johnson. Till then, let's keep working together and reaching for the stars. 💫 #OutOfThisWorldSeries #HoustonStrong
It's got a good beat and you can do science to it. Scientists try using pulsars to explore low-frequency gravitational waves. https://t.co/mcpDMba8wb
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A familiar ring: @CassiniSaturn the spacecraft is no more, but mission research and image processing continues, including this view of the planet's C ring.
Early risers around the world will be able to see #Venus and #Jupiter together in the pre-dawn sky early Monday and Tuesday.
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Hot news from the Antarctic underground: https://t.co/Gfdckn00bP
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