Amazon / Brazil Aug

NASA's AIRS instrument maps carbon monoxide (CO) from fires burning in Brazil's Amazon region. This time series ⬇️ shows CO high in the atmosphere over Brazil from Aug. 8-22, 2019. Each "day" in the series is made by averaging three day's-worth of data:

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Amazon / Brazil Aug

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Plastic bags, drink straws and take-out containers are set to be banned in China as the government begins a crackdown on plastic pollution. 🥤🍴🛍️

Watch on @LRC_NDTV  | "Perplexed": Pavan Varma calls out Nitish Kumar on Delhi tie-up with the BJP. “Central point of my letter to Nitish Kumar was that a party like the JD(U) needs to have ideological clarity": Pavan Varma, senior JD(U) leader.

China's 'mermaid descendants' weave garments from the skin of fish but few in the current generation are interested in learning the craft

Why didn’t Taylor Swift speak out sooner, politically? The lesson of the @dixiechicks ’ forced exile after their Bush comment branded itself onto her brain: “I registered it — that you’re always one comment away from being done being able to make music"

Total military spending between 1993 and 2016. ($ trillion) US: 11.2 China: 1.8 France: 1.2 UK: 1.1 Japan: 1.1 Germany: 0.94 Russia: 0.88 Saudi: 0.83 India: 0.65 Brazil: 0.45 Turkey: 0.29 Pakistan: 0.12 (SIPRI)

Shake Shack went from a hot dog cart to billion-dollar business. Founder Danny Meyer and CEO Randy Garutti tell @PoppyHarlowCNN  how the chain was founded “by accident.” “We thought we'd sell just a few hotdogs. I think we just hit on a moment” #BossFiles 

Senator Mitt Romney, one of the few Republicans to say he would be open to a vote on whether to call witnesses in the impeachment trial, said he would not support those efforts until after opening arguments are complete, which could be next week

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Reacting to Union Home Minister @AmitShah ’s statement that the CAA will not be withdrawn, #SamajwadiParty  chief @yadavakhilesh  said it reflected intolerance as the BJP “wants to crush people with the road roller of its majority".