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Your planet is changing, and we’re on it. NASA uses the vantage point of space to increase our understanding of Earth and improve lives. #EarthRightNow

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Speaking of sea ice, yesterday @NASA_ICE's Operation IceBridge took off on its first Arctic spring flight. They are starting with a study of sea ice, flying out from Greenland & Alaska. This is IceBridge's 10th year studying ice in Earth's polar regions: https://t.co/jmTyMEvKQj
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The sea ice cover peaked at 5.59 million square miles, the second-lowest on record. The last four years reached nearly equally low maximum extents and continued the decades-long trend of diminishing sea ice in the Arctichttps://t.co/V96gFEor1I.
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Arctic sea ice reached its annual maximum extent on March 17, joining 2015, 2016 and 2017 as the four lowest maximum extents on record, according to scientists at @NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center (@NSIDC).
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Head on over to our Facebook page for a live broadcast on #clouds, weather & ! St#citizensciencearts in 5 min:
The World Meteorological Organization is asking us all to be “weather ready and climate smart.” Join our Facebook Live tomorrow (Friday) for #WorldMetDay. We will be talking clouds, weather & ! #citizensciencehttps://t.co/FJIkiNzWVA
Earth is a water planet: three-quarters of the surface is covered by water, and water-rich clouds fill the sky. https://t.co/VBFARZOsl3 #worldwaterday
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