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Explore the universe and discover our home planet with @NASA. We usually post in EDT (UTC-4).

Latest Scoops

Are you a digital creator or active on social media? Apply to attend a #NASASocial on May 3-5 for the launch of our next mission to Mars! Go behind-the-scenes in CA & learn how wil@NASAInSightl map the interior of the Red Planet. Details & application: https://t.co/PgcmBn8tzj
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Our @NASAJuno spacecraft captured this close-up view from February 7 of a storm with bright cloud tops on Jupiter. See this rose-colored look at the gas giant planet: https://t.co/wUuNUh15sk
Calling All Cloud Gazers: It’s almost spring, the time of year when the looming change in seasons could lead to some pretty fascinating cloud activity in the sky. Take part in a citizen science cloud observation challenge: https://t.co/JBfXkv363I
Here's a #StPatricksDay look at a celestial shamrock! Many consider the shamrock to be a symbol of rebirth and life, so it's fitting that this nebula is a dusty region of star birth, seen by our Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. Take a closer look: https://t.co/IrOR3r4AUU
Students were asked to invent a multifunctional object that turns two items into one for 3-D printing and use by astronauts on @Space_Station. In this round of the @K12FutureE 3-D printing challenge, three designs won. See these #Two4Crew objects: https://t.co/Ne4t7eX8Ae
This Week at NASA, we honored the legacy of renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, uncovered a relic galaxy in our own cosmic backyard & prepared for the next to launch to the ! Ch@Space_Stationeck it out these stories and more: https://t.co/2qomc7wAfz
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Research into the behavior of the Arctic sea ice has led to a deeper understanding of how it survives from year to year. In this visualization, the age of the sea ice is shown with younger ice in darker shades of blue & the oldest ice in brighter white: https://t.co/UAK2FHkHOb
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This new composite image of the Crab Nebula uses data from @NASA_Hubble,@chandraxray & sp@NASAspitzerace telescopes, giving new insight into this celestial object. See what we've learned over the years about this exploded star and its pulsating core: https://t.co/b1KSv2bF90
Are you familiar with Newton’s 3rd law of motion? It states: For every ⬅️ action, there is an equal and opposite reaction ➡️. But, what about in microgravity?

To find out, we tested it out aboard @Space_Station for our latest STEMonstration: https://t.co/Qo2KSQyUcX
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Interested in our search for new planets outside our solar system? Apply to attend a #NASASocial event on April 15-16 for the launch for our next planet-hunting spacecraft, @NASA_TESS, at @NASAKennedy in Florida! Details and application: https://t.co/deMUCicXSl
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