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Explore the universe and discover our home planet with @NASA. We usually post in EDT (UTC-4).

Latest Scoops

Tonight, the flying @SOFIAtelescope will observe the shadow cast when Saturn's moon Titan passes in front of a distant star in an eclipse-like event, giving scientists a chance to study the moon's atmosphere. Details: https://t.co/i7BID0oqR3
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Want to experience a @NASA_ICE mission, space lasers, penguins and a workhorse rocket’s last liftoff? If so, apply for behind-the-scenes access during a @NASASocial at Vandenberg Air Force Base near Lompoc, California. Details: https://t.co/TVP2hwqHOG
In celebration of the @AllStarGame, @JimBridenstine shares views of the cities with @MLB baseball stadiums as captured by our astronauts on the International @Space_Station, located 250 miles above Earth. Check out this unique perspective:
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Our solar system is vast, filled not only with planets & moons, but also asteroids & other celestial bodies. In this new Gravity Assist podcast we explore these fascinating chunks of rocks & ice, their origin & why hunts them in s@AsteroidWatchpace: https://t.co/ut9qLP32eq
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Using infrared, astronomers saw the faint afterglow of the explosive merger of 2 neutron stars last September. These @NASAspitzer observations helped them understand how many of the heaviest periodic elements are created in explosive neutron star mergers: https://t.co/B8a0b6vq0j
The Sun may look unchanging to us here on Earth, but that’s not the whole story. See how the soon-to-launch Parker #SolarProbe will show us that when it comes to our Sun, there’s more than meets the eye: https://t.co/oxtuno0ECV
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The ethereal beauty of Earth is perfectly captured in this pic taken by @astro_ricky. From the vantage point of @Space_Station, he was able to see orange & brown hues of the Namib Desert & contrasting blues of the Atlantic Ocean. More on photos from space: https://t.co/0cfNUnKdmF
For #WorldEmojiDay, what are we describing here in emojis?

Our single ⭐️+ its closest planet ⚪️
The 🔥 planet
Our home 🌎 + our neighbor 🌕
The Red Planet 🔴
The ☁️ giant
The orb w/ the ⭕️'s
The ice giants 🔵
The world w/ the 💟 glacier

Find out: https://t.co/jdygdlpqyB
We’re inviting social media users to apply to see a rocket launch! 🚀 The launch will kickoff a mission to measure the height of our home planet, with a focus on tracking changes to the ice sheets, glaciers and sea ice of Earth’s polar regions. Details: https://t.co/9iHePl1O3V
Brilliant, salty deposits are seen by @NASA_Dawn decorating dwarf planet Ceres like a smattering of diamonds. But how? The science behind these bright spots show they formed after a slushy brine made its way to the surface. Take a closer look: https://t.co/F0r1DgZQEe
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