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  3. today be thursday there ain’t no throwback today. we live in the present!
Today be Thursday #TBT there ain’t no throwback today. We live in the present! @PaulBlackthorne #arrow https://t.co/5RvprqraeX
Today be Thursday #TBT there ain’t no throwback today. We live in the present!  @PaulBlackthorne #arrow https://t.co/5RvprqraeX


The renovations over at @PointeHiltonSP are complete, and you in are in for a treat! Head over to the resort today to see all the fab new things! https://t.co/u4i9v6syUe
Remember when Meghan Markle was a fashion expert on the Today Show?! https://t.co/V8v12HMNnJ
Today at 1:30pm, @SarahMGellar and I will be LIVE on my FB for a special surprise holiday baking show! ❄️🍩❄️ Tune in at https://t.co/IzCTg0Dxn0! @foodstirs
41 minutes
Today is the LAST say to sign up for Obamacare! Here’s what to do now https://t.co/BJG6p6SfgP
Today the Design Museum examines its objects for #ArtGold day | This electric moped from Eric van Hove with a copper-gold hue is created using Moroccan craft techniques & materials. It's one of this year's transport nominees for ! #BeazleyDesignsoftheYearhttps://t.co/DRCkJ3t4ha
A new school take on a family tradition - conceived by Artistic Director, #DonatellaVersace and shot by legendary collaborator #StevenMeisel, the #VersaceSS18 Campaign portrays some of the most iconic forces in fashion along with today’s hottest talent. #VFamily #VersaceTribute
Former Today PA on Matt Lauer: He preys on the "most vulnerable and least powerful" women https://t.co/wNDS0J4EaZ
Still haven't gotten around to your Christmas shopping? Avoid the stressful crowds this weekend and take advantage of FREE DELIVERY of all your purchased goodies - today only. https://t.co/rkEbXkU78u #happyfriday
Keep yourself warm as the temperture drops! ❄️☃️ Cold weather is buy 1 get 1 50% off in store today! https://t.co/54t3E7cjej #TwinkleAllTheWay
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