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Latest Scoops

Well, we hope you enjoyed last week's takeover, with all its #MythBusters behind-the-scenes stories, by @KariByron. Be sure to follow her on Twitter to stay in touch, and thanks again, Kari!
What else am I up to? I am the COO of @SmartGurlzWorld, an innovative new toy company. I loved that being on MythBusters allowed me to become an advocate of #STEM, and now that I have a daughter I want to inspire her the way I learned to love science, through play. -- @KariByron
Shoving chum into Buster's chest cavity for the "shark punch" myth during our first @SharkWeek. Wish you could smell the fish heads in the hot sun through the internet! -- @KariByron
Sure are a lot of sharks in that water ... from our first #SharkWeek special. -- @KariByron
From the first MythBusters #SharkWeek special: Buster and his rubber shark punching fists. Look at the delight on Jamie's face. I think he liked this experiment. -- @KariByron
Miss the full episode of #MythBusters: Cold Feet, which @KariByron mentioned earlier? Watch it on SCI GO: https://t.co/ymgZlkOZ0B
. @grantimahara is facing a fear of having spiders dumped on his head so we can see if he gets cold feet. They had soft little legs that tickled when they walked on your hand. Kind of cute. Don’t think Grant thought so as they pooped in his hair. Bwahahaha. -- @KariByron
Incidentally, I still have the skirt from the Balloon Child myth in storage. Like Jamie I rarely throw anything away. The claws are from a later episode duck tape episode but clearly there was a theme in my MythBusters times and it was a little Freddy Kruegerish. -- @KariByron
In case you need to calculate how many balloons it would take to get you airborne, we came up with one balloon per 10g. So ... a lot. I loved the claws and fashioned a pair of my own in a later episode. I have a Wolverine thing. Yes, I still have the claws, wink. -- @KariByron
These photos are from the time @grantimahara and I visited a farming college and met a research cow with a stomach window so you could study the digestion process. They said the cow doesn't notice it. Look at my awkward smile! -- @KariByron
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