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An awesome piece in @Society4Science about #MythBustersJr and host @braintwist2112! Check it out: https://t.co/drBicBDb37
Are you ready? #MythBustersJr premieres Wednesday, Jan. 2, at 9P on @ScienceChannel.
Are you ready??? is BACK!!! Here's a bit of what's in store when premieres W#MythBustersJrednesday, Jan. 2, at 9p on .
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A very big happy birthday today to @jonjuhanlung!!!!!
Here’s the episode @donttrythis is speaking of: https://t.co/SYBYL9Yb3O?
Are you ready for 12 DAYS of nonstop ? We hope so. The MythBusters Mega Merrython -- hosted by and the cast of -- premieres Saturday, #MythBustersJrDec. 22, only on .
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Could the water heater in your basement turn into a ROCKET? Some of you already know the answer to this, but it'll still be fun to watch. For you others, fasten your seatbelt!
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Great news! The #MythBustersJr premiere date is Wednesday, Jan. 2, following the #MythBusters Merry-Thon on ! https://t.co/ig8FwTWXaq
We're going to combine #Halloween and a birthday wish in ONE photo: a very happy (belated -- it was yesterday, sigh) birthday to ! And to all!#HappyHalloween
In honor of #Halloween, we bring you some photos of in various costumes, because the man LOVES a costume! As do we, so if you have a photo of yourself wearing one -- ESPECIALLY if you made it -- please share it below! https://t.co/lstBHr8o5V
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