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Hand dryer or paper towel: Which is more sanitary in a public bathroom? We have the DEFINITIVE answer. (Miss it? Watch the full episode on SCI GO: https://t.co/kPKHobtv21)
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Is it possible to chop onions and NOT cry? We tested three common remedies, and found that ONE worked. (Side note: You onion choppers out there, what'd we miss?)
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Is it possible to NOT catch an infected person's #flu or cold? After a particularly snotty experiment, @donttrythis and @JamieNoTweet have the answer. #tbt
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Thanks, everyone, for joining us tonight, and a special shout-out to @AnyTechnology and @tlynnr85 for chiming in! See y'all next week!
So .... @AnyTechnology. Do you remember what you were saying to @BSForgery here?
Laughing. Always a LOT of laughing on #MythBusters shoots. (It's not always WITH you, but still.) Right, @BSForger @jonjuhanlung @tlynnr85 @AnyTechnology?
.@jonjuhanlung and @tlynnr85 on the set!
Welcome to a new episode of #MythBusters! We're joined LIVED right here on Twitter by @tlynnr85 @AnyTechnology and @jonjuhanlung (@BSForgery is traveling). Ask them your questions right NOW!
Can you push someone over with a feather? The gang's all here (@BSForgery @jonjuhanlung @tlynnr85 @AnyTechnology) to find out. Watch #MythBusters tonight at 9/8c on @ScienceChannel, and join them right here LIVE on Twitter too! (Well, minus @BSForgery. He's otherwise committed.)
Can you drive a car from the backseat with a cane? And can you REALLY knock someone over with a feather? @AnyTechnology and @tlynnr85 join @BSForgery and @jonjuhanlung in Backseat Getaway Driver, premiering Wednesday at 9/8c on @ScienceChannel.
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