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Are you at @makerfaire NYC right now? Don't miss @donttrythis and his #MythBustersJr co-hosts’ panel at 3 pm in zone 4, fittingly on the "Coke and Mentos" stage. #WMFNY18
Are you in the New York City area this weekend? Don't miss @donttrythis and his #MythBustersJr co-hosts at New York @makerfaire TOMORROW! Their panel is at 3 pm in zone 4, fittingly on the "Coke and Mentos" stage. #WMFNY18 https://t.co/gHbo3uddCu
"We didn't do anything as remarkable as save the world, but our crew NAILED the #Avengers homage for this last shot of the #MythBusters reunion. And the shawarma was darned good too." -- @donttrythis
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TIL @donttrythis collects old @mythbusters coasters in his shop.
Don't forget -- you can see @donttrythis and all six of his #MythBustersJr co-hosts this Saturday at @makerfaire NYC! More here: https://t.co/u68VKqWbas #wmfny18
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If you're in the NYC area next weekend, don't miss @donttrythis and his #MythBustersJr hosts at @makerfaire! Their #wmfny18 panel is Saturday at 3 pm. https://t.co/IBSJPFM88P
"I had just started as an intern for Jamie when MythBusters started filming. Their first episode was Jet Car, and I really wanted to go to the shoot but I had to work my restaurant night job. After my shift, I drove all night. TOTALLY worth it." -- @KariByron #tbt
Calling all #MythBustersJr to show off your science skills in the Ignite Innovation Student Challenge! Propose a digital solution that solves a real-world problem for a chance to win up to $10,000 https://t.co/eGivPtkT54 #IgniteMyFuture @DiscoveryEd
"Sometimes people ask what I think the stupidest myth we ever tested was. For me the lamest myth was pyramid power, from 2005. Remember that one?" -- @ToryBelleci i #tbt

[Miss the episode? Watch it now on Discovery GO: https://t.co/ru4NYhdewa]
If you drop a piece of food but pick it up within five seconds, is it safe to eat? The MythBusters take on the so-called Five Second Rule.
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