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BLACKPINK does it again! Take a look inside their exciting performance with this gallery. ??

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One single US state - Florida - vs. Germany, UK and China.

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Mary Trump says the U.S. has devolved into a version of her "incredibly dysfunctional family"

From birth to death, Black people face systemic inequality in the United States - more than 150 years after slavery was abolished

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“Here’s the good news: You can shut down businesses or keep them open. Close schools or stay in session. Wear masks or not... The virus will make its way through in either case, and if we protect the elderly then deaths will be spared.”

"Ivanka has never had to find a job in her life. After graduating, she worked for her father. Then she set up a paternally-funded fashion line. Finally, she landed a job as senior White House advisor." Me on First Daughter's "find something new" job advice

When did we switch from tracking COVID deaths to ignoring them and only worrying about cases?

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp forbids cities, counties from requiring masks as coronavirus surges in the state

Good morning. I rarely call something a “must-read”, but this detailed Op-Ed by Md Gov Larry Hogan about the President’s COVID response is must-read.

The president of #Portugal . Love that country.