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Thanks for all your birthday wishes. Now sodding off.
@Eaxen @harrismonkey @harcourtmaster No, I reply to my mates. I knew Harris when he was a humble car journalist, and he knew me when I was one, too.
I knew you’d understand.
Great carrot presentation debate: which is correct - disc, baton, oblique, or shredded?
You’re quite far away
Over in the Big Apple
More than I can chew.
‘Courage!’, I shouted,
And pointed towards the shore,
Although I wasn’t.

This was an excellent ‘90s album by US3, actually.
@ShaunNicholson1 @JohnSpo @JeremyClarkson @RichardHammond @TannerFoust They were, essentially, pit ponies driving capstans to work mine pumps and the like, against which James Watt needed to be able to compare the power of his (and Boulton’s) beam engines. A modern horse makes >1hp. #Telt
Very good question.
It is, although that isn’t my watch. Must’ve blagged it.
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