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Bolton not resigning.
@KateEMcCann @steve_hawkes @Telegraph Not even Sprason's best resignation - he once stepped down over a porno DVD left in a work computer: https://t.co/uHU0gWow7J
IMF say Donald Trump's tax reforms will help spur the global economy in 2018, while Britain's prospects for 2019 are downgraded. As Ministers bemoan paralysis from May - perhaps she should take inspiration from across the pond?
The reshuffle is finally over. PPS list is out...
No maiden yet but Jared O'Mara has asked some PQs.
" Where are the backbench loyalists, the Whips’ narks, queueing up to denounce this dissident? The silence is striking and significant. " https://t.co/AXkNAMzNOh
Mike Hookem appears to have resigned on Friday but no one really noticed
Not a great start.
Tory colleagues back @NickBolesMP stinging rebuke of No10. One former Cabinet Minister tells Sun: “We were told things would change after the Election. But to coin a phrase, ‘Nothing has Changed’.https://t.co/1beL3QQ6l8
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